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Lucy & Co.: A Dog Apparel & Accessories Company

About Brand

Lucy & Co had a highly engaged community of mostly 24-36-year-old women that they knew they could engage with in a much more effective and exciting way. They wanted to have brand ambassadors that could make sales who felt like they were part of the company and community. They are an online dog apparel and accessories company who are committed to creating beautiful, high-quality products. Their brand is built on the idea that dogs are deserving and was founded by the humans behind @dogsofinstagram. They’re focused mostly on the US market but have a sprinkling of international ambassadors based in Canada, the UK and Australia and a few other countries.

  • Name
    Lucy & Co
  • Location
    Minneapolis, USA
  • Employees
  • 2.5m
    Social Media
  • 1,000
    Brand Ambassadors
  • $266.6k
    In Revenue
    With 7,000 Sales

Business Challenge

Before signing up to Brandbassador, Lucy & Co. reached out to different influencers for photography purposes but that was about it, there was no brand advocacy strategy in place.

They simply reached out to different people to send new products to generate visual content. Brandbassador was appealing to Lucy & Co. as they already had an existing community that was highly engaged.

Pain Points

  • To get a more targeted ambassador marketing strategy in place
  • The ability to engage with the existing community in a more effective and exciting way
  • To way to build a community of ambassadors that can make sales 
  • The ability to make brand ambassadors feel like are part of the company and community
  • Having to manually and individually email brand ambassadors
  • The inability to increase sales and brand awareness


Customer Success

Having used Brandbassdor for just over a year, Lucy & Co. have found that, for the most part, the Brandbassdor platform is easy to use. Certain things have not been intuitive but overall it’s easy to understand. Only one member from the team uses the app to engage with their community of over 1000 ambassadors

They are private on the platform, preferring to hand-select each ambassador and personally invite them to become brand ambassadors for Lucy & Co. after analysing their photography, engagement, and following. They’ve found that automated messaging - especially when it comes to reminders - is awesome and helpful.


Since signing up with Brandbassdor Lucy & Co. have seen an increase in sales and brand awareness.

They have a lot of sales missions available on the app where they are always encouraging ambassadors to talk about their discount code which in turn allows their community to make a lot of sales.

Their engagement levels have increased and talking to ambassadors has been much easier as the brand is able to send out mass messages for important news.

Image credits from top & clockwise: willi_the_maltese, mr.milo_the_dood, rileytheyorkiepooh, maltipoo.kona, petitepokey, huskymax_pugmolly, petitepokey

Aubrey Lucy & Co
Aubrey Bergstrom
Marketing Manager
Considering we didn’t have an ambassador program, anything we would try to do was completely manual via email, so having a platform that can do everything automatically is great.

Questions & Answer

Your ambassador program is unique, in that humans aren’t necessarily the front face of your ambassador program, how have you made this work to your advantage and how does it affect your ambassador selection process?

The dog world on Instagram specifically is huge, and still growing, so it hasn’t been terrible at all. They are extremely engaged and excited which has been awesome when it comes to completing missions and making sales. I almost think they might be better than human influencers since it doesn’t come off quite as “salesy” when it’s a dog account.

Do you have any tips for other brands in how to select the perfect ambassador?

It’s better to find an ambassador who is passionate about the brand and is excited to be part of the brand or community as opposed to someone with a huge following. Having genuine ambassadors and advocates of the brand goes a long way.


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