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Onepiece made use of a very manual system of emails and online spreadsheets to manage their affiliate programme. This meant that they spent a big chunk of their time trying to manage their community with little success. 


  • They wanted a tool that would allow them to scale their ambassador programme.
  • They were looking for a way to personally connect with existing ambassadors & customers to improve brand reach. 
  • As an eCommerce brand, they needed to find an effective way to grow during the pandemic.

“Brandbassdor has really thought of so many corner cases and potential issues that can arise when working with a large number of ambassadors.”

Thomas Adams Onepiece-1
Thomas Adams

Casely was managing an affiliate program in house but nothing was under one umbrella. Social media, affiliate programmes and ambassadors were managed in a fragmented way by different tools and people. 


  • The results were not as they hoped given the amount of time they were committing to it.
  • They wanted a tool that would allow them to perform all of their ambassador marketing activities under one roof.

“ Our brand would not be the same without Brandbassador. "

Mark Stallings
Mark Stallings
Co Founder

Inkbox had a social media strategy in place that relied heavily on showcasing their community wearing their product, while that is still part of their strategy today, they wanted to be able to:

  • To grow their Inkbox community 
  • To make their workflow more efficient when sourcing UGC to repurpose on their growing social channels
  • Efficiency in handling of multiple ambassador marketing campaigns
  • The ability to source specific forms and styles of content depending on social media strategy and goals

“We were able to discover, interact with and source content from a larger range of ambassadors than we would’ve been able to manually off-platform. Brandbassador has really helped us automate finding and engaging with ambassadors."

Cindy Inkbox
Cindy Tran
Creator Marketing Lead

Although the team had a clear focus before signing up with Brandbassador to reach high volumes of micro-social personalities together with paid collaborations in order to get reach and start building brand awareness, the trial and error basis that they were working with could also be hit and miss. Along with that they started working with their own social media, mainly Instagram, to organically build a large follower base but they needed the right tool to enhance their growth. 


Some of their pain points included:


  • A trial and error approach to their ambassador marketing strategy
  • A need to scale quickly & build brand awareness
  • Many man-hours spent on in-house outreach
  • A lack of diversity among their ambassadors & UGC
  • Finding the right tool to effectively reach a high volume of brand ambassadors

“Compared to our own outreach Brandbassador represents a more effective way to reach high volumes of influencers."

Therese Granström
Social Commerce Coordinator

Before joining Brandbassador MY FAM POSTER managed their micro-influencer marketing through Google Sheets and a tool called People Map. Their strategy was to give out freebies to people that fitted within the brand’s niche and then they added them to their Google Sheet. Afterwards, they also added them to the tool People Map to see how much reach and engagement the post of a specific micro-influencer got. Overall there was a lot of manual effort that the MY FAM POSTER team had to put into this. 


Some of their pain points included:


  • A lot of manual work and effort 
  • Valuable & productive time being wasted without the right tools
  • A lack of buzz around the brand
  • An inability to collaborate with their customers, followers and fans at scale
  • Tracking return on investment

“You can collaborate with many ambassadors at the same time without too much effort which makes it much more scalable."

Johannes Sommer
Johannes Sommer

The Kase never had an ambassador marketing strategy in place before signing up to Brandbassador, instead they managed their campaigns in house with a handful of influencers. 

  • They wanted to be able to expand their reach and create brand awareness outside of France to the rest of Europe. 
  • They were also looking for more authentic content but they needed the content to be produced in a more systematic way.

“No matter how great your products are, you need an affiliate program like Brandbassador to push your brand outward to gain the exposure or reach your brand deserves to have. That's the value of this platform. "

Mask Group
Pauletta Tang
Product & Creative Director

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