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Decrease Manual Effort While Increasing Brand Awareness and Engagement

Home decor brand MY FAM POSTER started out managing their ambassador program manually, exerting more effort than was worth the return. Through Brandbassador, MY FAM POSTER has decreased manual efforts and considerably increased ROI. Their social media community has flourished and they've significantly increased the amount of reusable UGC. 

  • Location: Vechta, Germany
  • Employees: 4
  • Industry: Consumer Goods
Johannes Sommer My Fam Poster
Johannes Sommer
Ambassador marketing is really helping us out here since it is a more unique way to show our products to our audience.
  • 357
    Brand Ambassadors
  • 202 120
    Social Media
  • $11.6k
    In Revenue
    With 261 Sales
Group 651

Business Challenge

Before joining Brandbassador MY FAM POSTER managed their micro-influencer marketing through Google Sheets and a tool called People Map. Their strategy was to give out freebies to people that fit within the brand’s niche and then they added them to their Google Sheet. Afterwards, they also added them to the tool People Map to see how much reach and engagement the post of a specific micro-influencer got. Overall there was a lot of manual effort that the MY FAM POSTER team had to put into this.

Their goal was to decrease the manual effort and time spent on managing their in-house social media marketing campaigns. They also wanted to be able to collaborate with more genuine customers, followers and fans of their brand to authentically increase awareness and keep MY FAM POSTER top of mind. They also wanted to create a community of ambassadors that felt like family. 

Group 622

Pain Points

  • A lot of manual work and effort 
  • Valuable & productive time being wasted without the right tools
  • A lack of buzz around the brand
  • An inability to collaborate with their customers, followers and fans at scale
  • Tracking return on investment
Group 677

Customer Success

In Johannes’ opinion the platform is very easy to use and most of the time very self-explanatory. It’s been very easy for him to introduce new employees to the platform during the 6 months that they’ve been building their Ambassador community through Brandbassador. 

Their Ambassador community has helped the MY FAM POSTER team generate more UGC for their brand which has made a big impact on the amount of content that they’re able to use for their own social media channel. As a result of this, they have also seen a massive increase in the number of followers on their socials. 

The brand is now able to collaborate and communicate with their ambassadors in a much easier streamlined manner while easily being able to track which ambassadors perform well for their brand.

At peak times in eCommerce like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas the team noticed a boost in ambassador driven sales which is significant since those periods are also the time when customers are being aggressively advertised to by numerous holiday marketing campaigns. 

Group 660


Given that MY FAM POSTER has only been using Brandbassador for 6 months, they’ve successfully managed to generate a positive ROI whilst gaining quality UGC and brand awareness at no additional cost. 

From an operational point of view, their return on investment has been invaluable. Johannes’ commented that managing all the collaborations by hand via the Google Sheet was way more time consuming and they would never have been able to collaborate with so many ambassadors in such a short time.

Ambassador marketing is really helping MY FAM POSTER in the social space as it is a more unique way to show their products to their audience.

Q & A

What requirements do you look for in an ambassador?

At least 800+ followers and a minimum of 3% engagement. They should also have nice looking and mainly family-focused or interior content.

How do you go about selecting and recruiting the right ambassadors to represent your brand and your product?

For recruiting we're run ads on Instagram on a constant basis. We also have a landing page for the ambassador program where we actively invite people to it via our socials. All our order confirmations and e-mail signatures contain links and images to the program. We're looking for smaller, high-quality-content ambassadors that fit our friendly "family-like" brand vibe.

Do you have any tips for other brands on how to select the perfect ambassador?

Not really to be honest. In the beginning, we were very strict about approving ambassadors for our brand but after a while, I started to trust my gut feeling according to the, loosely translated German, motto "in case of doubt for the accused". It turned out that this was a good way to go about this because there are a few ambassadors that I typically would have rejected in the beginning but are now some of our best converting people within the community.

In terms of activation methods - how have you recruited new & existing ambassadors from your social media, website and social ads?

Instagram Ads, setting up an email flow with an invitation link to the program after some has purchased an item, Instagram stories & posts, actively inviting people we like, setting up a landing page for the program, putting a link to the landing page in our order confirmations and e-mail signatures


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