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Safira: Finding the Right Tool to Effectively Reach a High Volume of People

About Brand

Launched in the spring of 2018, Safira is a Swedish jewellery brand that sells trendy jewellery in pure silver and gold. Their target market are young, fashionable women in the European Union and Norway.

  • Name
  • Location
    Köping, Sweden
  • Employees
  • $1.25m
    In Revenue
    With 19.5k Sales
  • 25.9m
    on Social Media
  • 2185

Business Challenge

Safira was founded with the strategy to create growth mainly through social media and ambassador marketing. Before signing up with Brandbassador the Safira team were working on their social media marketing on a trial and error basis. 

Although the team had a clear focus before signing up with Brandbassador to reach high volumes of micro-social personalities together with paid collaborations in order to get reach and start building brand awareness, the trial and error basis that they were working with could also be hit and miss. Along with that they started working with their own social media, mainly Instagram, to organically build a large follower base but they needed the right tool to enhance their growth. 

Having received a reference case from another company who had been working on the Brandbassador platform and the team saw an opportunity to effectively reach a high volume of brand ambassadors if they signed up.

Pain Points

  • A trial and error approach to their ambassador marketing strategy
  • A need to scale quickly & build brand awareness
  • Many man-hours spent on in-house outreach
  • A lack of diversity among their ambassadors & UGC
  • Finding the right tool to effectively reach a high volume of brand ambassadors

Customer Success

A year after their launch, Safira joined Brandbassador and find that the platform is easy to understand and work with. When there are things they don’t understand, they’re pleased with the excellent help they receive from the Brandbassador support team. 

The biggest impact that their Social Commerce Coordinator, Therese Granström has personally seen, is that it is easier to control what ambassadors publish in terms of content and information in order to curate UGC to achieve their desired outcomes and something that's in keeping with the brands visual aesthetic. She believes it is good to be able to reject a publication if it does not follow the instructions of the mission.

Safira work with Brandbassador and keep in direct contact with influencers through their own means but through Brandbassador they’re able to work with ambassadors from more countries which provides the brand with more people and diversity, as a result, one of Safira’s biggest growth points with Brandbassador has been its international growth.


Safira have successfully been able to drive sales and growth, with a favourable ROI, over the last 6 months at a time when most businesses really suffered as a result of COVID.

When compared to their own in-house outreach Brandbassador represents a more effective way to reach a large number of brand ambassadors , helping the team to reduce the man-hours they spend on tasks, while easily being able to track results in a straight forward manner. As a result, much less manual work is involved in their ambassador marketing.

For Therese, the diversity that the platform allows is a massive seller, as people from different countries and culture all interpreter their missions differently.

Therese Granström
Social Commerce Coordinator
Brandbassador is a great platform for working globally with the right ambassadors. You can create the most creative missions and with the right community, you'll make magic with it.

Q & A

Why do you think it's important that other eCommerce brands have an ambassador program and what advice would you give to them if they're just starting out?

It is important because if people don't talk about your brand on social media, you are no one. Find genuine ambassadors that love what you do - that is most important.

What advice would you give to other brands who are trying to grow their community?

Know what you want, but be open. Make sure to follow social media trends when creating missions. The bubble braid was a trend that I just thought would work great in combination with our jewellery.

What's been one of your favourite missions that you've created on BB's platform?

Our Black Friday post-mission is always fun because we get so much engagement and content. In terms of the user-generated content we received, I loved our "💅Nailing it💅" and "Bold jewellery and bubble braids 🔵" missions.

How do you go about selecting and recruiting the right ambassadors to represent your brand and your product?

We look at their profile to see if they post regularly, have enough followers and good content that matches our aesthetic. A big plus is if they have publications that show that they can advertise small products. Then we use an external tool to measure engagement and receive demographics about their followers.

What type of ambassadors does Safira work with?

We work primarily with fashion, beauty or lifestyle ambassadors.


How do you use your ambassadors to be your best salespeople and drive revenue for your business?

We work with very open missions but with specific instructions. This way we can control the content and allow our ambassadors to have creative freedom. We believe that when we give them their freedom to create it becomes the best and most genuine advertisement.


Do you have any tips for other brands on how to select the perfect ambassador?

Make sure that they create content that matches the brand, that the followers are genuine and that the ambassador genuinely has a passion for your product.



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