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How IDEAL OF SWEDEN Finds and Recruits Micro-Influencers That Convert

Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand IDEAL OF SWEDEN is dedicated to developing trendsetting, affordable fashion that makes life easier. In an oversaturated eCommerce industry, IDEAL OF SWEDEN has found that having a vibrant community of brand ambassadors is a powerful way of cutting through the clutter of social media and getting in front of their ideal audience. But how does IDEAL OF SWEDEN find these essential brand evangelists?

  • Location: Norrköping, Sweden
  • Employees: 50-100
  • Industry: Consumer Goods
Jenny Hamrén-1
Jenny Hamrén
Influencer Marketing Specialist

If I wanted to do a campaign with ambassadors from the US, who are interested in fashion, love the colour yellow, and are left-handed… I would probably be able to find them with the Creator Search tool.

IDEAL OF SWEDEN Case Study Influencer Search Tool

A Time-Draining Endeavor

No stranger to working with brand advocates, IDEAL OF SWEDEN has been on the ambassador marketing scene for over 5 years. They’ve overcome many challenges and have worked with Brandbassador during this time building a community of loyal brand ambassadors who’ve helped them break into new markets and drive revenue.

IDEAL OF SWEDEN values continuous growth, so they began searching for ways to more proficiently expand their ambassador marketing community. The fashion brand turned to a popular platform designed to help brands find influencers to partner with. Unfortunately, using the platform proved slow and cumbersome, still requiring a great deal of manual effort and providing inaccurate data.

Creator Search Tool

Prevailing Challenges

  • Finding ambassadors who align with IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s vision required long hours and excessive manual effort that could be better spent running creative marketing tasks and crafting ambassador marketing strategies.
  • Recruitment through other means such as social media posts, newsletters, etc., while effective, was less personal than receiving an exclusive invite via personal email.
  • Other influencer search platforms lacked the necessary automation to solve these challenges efficiently, and appeared to provide inaccurate data on influencers.

Social media user scouting tool

Set up for Success

IDEAL OF SWEDEN was the perfect candidate for Brandbassador’s Creator Search tool. The Swedish brand dove into the various filtering options available, narrowing down their search to find social media profiles that matched their desired ambassador demographic. IDEAL OF SWEDEN was able to specify the age, follower count and engagement rate they were looking for, as well as later experimenting with country of residence and gender.

The lookalike feature allowed them to quickly discover profiles with content, audience, and details similar to that of some of their more successful brand ambassadors.

Wanting to test the best activation method, IDEAL OF SWEDEN sent out three different invitations: generic invites, invitations offering a sign-up bonus, and invitations promising a free product upon joining the program. The freebie offer was by far the most successful, with nearly a 50% sign-up rate in the first 5 weeks.  


Social media sourcing tool

Achieving Tailored Results in Record Time

Influencer Marketing Specialist Jenny Hamrén found the entire process, from initial search to connecting with influencers, easy and straightforward. She cited the lookalike feature and ability to search for keywords in influencers’ social media profiles as strong assets of the tool. 

Most notably, IDEAL OF SWEDEN found that the extensive filtering abilities and accurate data of the Creator Search significantly reduced the time they spent searching for influencers while improving the quality of creators joining their brand ambassador community.

Jenny Hamrén
Jenny Hamrén
Influencer Marketing Specialist
[Our previous platform] doesn’t provide email addresses to every profile. Before, we had to first find the profile on [the platform] and then go to their Instagram to find their email. I also feel like the data in [our previous platform] is not as accurate when it comes to the amount of followers and engagement rate.

The Straightforward Path to Community-Led Growth

Brandbassador’s Creator Search has streamlined IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s influencer discovery process, making scaling their brand ambassador community practically painless. They applaud the ability to craft ultra-specific filters as it minimises the amount of time spent weeding through profiles that don’t match their brand image. 

IDEAL OF SWEDEN says that the search feature “definitely met our expectations”. They’ve been testing out the feature in phases and have approved and welcomed 117 high-quality content creators to their ambassador marketing program in only 5 weeks.  

Many of the new community members have jumped straight into IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s ambassador program, participating in marketing tasks and interacting with the brand online. 

Overall, IDEAL OF SWEDEN praises the quality of influencers they’ve connected with and the time saved on discovering and inviting new members. They recommend Brandbassador’s Creator Search to any D2C brands wanting to grow their ambassador community.

Q & A

You previously used another platform to find new ambassadors for your community. How do you feel our Creator Search compares?

The Creator Search offers many more filters compared to [our previous platform], therefore generating more specific profile recommendations. Being able to export the data all in one file also saves us a lot of time since [the other platform] doesn’t provide email addresses to every profile.

Before we had to first find the profile on [our previous platform] and then go to their Instagram to find their email. I also feel like the data in [the other platform] is not as accurate when it comes to amount of followers and engagement rate.

How effective were the filtering options in finding the types of brand ambassadors you were looking for?

The filters were very effective, especially the lookalike filter since it helps us find profiles with the style of content that fits our brand.

How does recruiting through the Creator Search compare to recruiting ambassadors through other activation methods like newsletters and social posts?

It lets us be more specific about who will receive the invitation to become an ambassador, consequently ensuring that the profiles invited fit with our brand. From the profile’s perspective, I can also imagine that it feels more exclusive and personal to receive an email directly from the brand rather than seeing a social post or newsletter.

What percentage of applications did you approve?

We’ve approved all of them since we reached out to them. In the beginning, we didn’t check all of the accounts, so there were some that weren’t as good quality because there were some with fake followers and fake likes. But overall the quality was very good.

What are the benefits of the Creator Search feature and how has it helped your marketing efforts?

It saves me so much time when looking for new ambassadors and gathers all the necessary information about the profiles in one place. The filters also make it very easy to find the exact type of ambassadors you're looking for. If I wanted to do a campaign with ambassadors from the US, who are interested in fashion, love the colour yellow, and are left-handed… I would probably be able to find them with the Creator Search tool.

What advice do you have for brands looking to try out the Creator Search tool?

Try to figure out who your ideal ambassador is and what distinguishes this person. Use this to decide what filters that would be beneficial for you to use. Find one of your ambassadors who fits this description and use them with the lookalike feature.


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