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5 Steps to Plan an Ambassador Marketing Campaign That Drives Sales

Marike Watson
By Marike Watson | 18 May, 2021

Ambassador software platforms help brands set up and manage their ambassador marketing campaigns by automating several steps along the way. Think about how many hours it would take to comb through one social media account after the other. With ambassador software platforms, this step gets automated in a flash, which makes the recruitment process so much more enjoyable - and efficient!


Some ambassador software platforms also offer really great analytics tools that help brands measure whether their brand ambassador programmes are driving sales or not. You’re probably thinking your company is totally ready to dive head first into the realm of ambassador marketing, but you may want to hear us out before you do. 

One of the key signs your company is ready to take the plunge is when your customers or followers actively begin asking if there’s a way they can sign up to become a brand advocate. Another clear sign is if your online store is already making a reasonable amount of sales on a weekly basis. This is pretty important as it indicates that there’s an established demand for your products (and trust us, this will work in your favour). 

Planning the perfect ambassador marketing campaign is no easy job, but we’ve got a few tips on hand that may just make the task a little easier. Let’s take a look at five steps you could be mindful of if you want to set up a campaign that drives sales.

1. Take it Easy

We know this may sound like a tough thing to do in the beginning, but you’ve got to start things off slowly. Your first ambassador marketing campaign is going to be a learning curve for both you and your ambassadors, so you’re going to want to take the time to observe and learn instead of expecting unreasonable results.

Questions will come up around whether or not you’re using the right social channels or if your ambassadors are motivated to create cool content in exchange for some rewards more than others. You won’t know the answers to these off the bat, so you’re going to have to learn as you go along and make adjustments to your campaign accordingly. 

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2. Listen to Your Brand Advocates

This is where making adjustments should come easy. During your first campaign, as well as in the ones that follow, you should always strive to listen to and learn from the experiences of your ambassadors and the way they impact your audience. 

If your customers aren’t receptive to podcast hosts as ambassadors, for example, you may want to look into who they’d rather listen to. Or perhaps the ambassador tasks you enlist your advocates to do aren’t particularly exciting - it could be a number of things! 

Your job is to try and find that golden ticket among the many routes ambassador marketing can take that will improve sales. Keeping an eye on the analytics of your campaign is something that will help you keep tabs on this.    

Finding the right ambassador for your campaign needs is just as important as setting up the campaign itself. Read our take on the key characteristics of a successful brand ambassador

3. Communicate Everything Clearly

Just like an ordinary relationship with a friend or loved one, communication with your brand ambassadors is key. Checking in with them and making sure they know exactly what you expect is so important as it ensures less room for error. 

Ambassador software platforms are super helpful when it comes to maintaining communication as it creates a centralised space where brands can easily stay in touch with their ambassadors on a one-to-many or one-on-one basis. 

We’d recommend you even structure an exclusive community for your ambassadors (and give it a sweet name!) so they can learn about and support each other. This will guarantee engagement levels are high and form a buzz around your brand, which may inspire more of your customers to apply for an ambassador role. 


Divain | @gladiskarenina

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Tag Away

Remember that ambassador community we were just talking about? Here’s another way they can help you drive sales: user-generated content (UGC). If there’s one thing ambassadors offer brands that’s like solid gold, it’s UGC.

As the brand, you should capitalise on this and repost the content your ambassadors come up with. More importantly, you should tag them in the post. 

This will decrease the amount you spend on creating content, while also making your ambassadors feel rewarded and empowered to create even more wonderful posts for your brand. It’s a double score!

Our whitepaper, Building Your Ambassador Community in 2022: The Ultimate Guide , offers a comprehensive guide on how to build your brand community.

5. Sweet Rewards

Always aim to keep the rewards that you offer ambassadors for completing their tasks as fresh and exciting as you can. It doesn’t always have to be tied to sales, but you’ll be missing out on more brand engagement if you only reward your ambassadors based on tracked sales. 

Reward them for simply completing tasks too. Something like an exclusive discount or a voucher will do the trick! Unfortunately, only rewarding tasks that resulted in sales may discourage your ambassadors to keep going. This is especially the case for newly-recruited advocates.

Where to Next?

Ambassador software platforms can help you maintain your ambassador marketing campaigns by automating everything from ambassador recruitment and distributing rewards to one-to-many messaging features. 

You can plan your campaign around what you’d most like to achieve, whether that’s driving sales or simply generating more local brand awareness. The targeted goal is up to you and ambassador software platforms like Brandbassador can help you attain it. 

If you’d like to learn how to set up and manage an ambassador marketing programme with ambassador software tools, book a demo with our platform today. We’ll show you how to turn your greatest customers and fans into passionate advocates for your brand.  

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Marike Watson
Written By Marike Watson
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