Whitepaper: Building Your Ambassador Tribe – The Ultimate Guide

By Brandbassador | 2 minute read

Working with ambassadors who are genuinely interested in your company and products or services is truly impactful when it comes to brand awareness and revenue growth. These kinds of ambassadors are not merely in the business of influence, they care about their followers and their followers care about them.

With a connected and engaged audience of friends and family, ambassadors are able to drive real action. Their user-generated content is more authentic and their followers are more likely to listen to their recommendations, which amplifies marketing return on investment. But building and maintaining your ambassador community takes time. 

In this whitepaper, we offer a guide on how to build an ambassador tribe that continues to scale brand awareness and revenue over a long-term period. This guide consists of three main steps:

  • Recruiting your own customers and fans to become loyal brand ambassadors
  • Growing and incentivising your community 
  • Managing and automating your processes 

Our  Q&A with Travel Influencer Gareth Pon looks at ways in which you could activate and engage with your brand community. Read the full interview by clicking the highlighted text.

Tribes are known as close-knit communities of people who are linked together due to having something in common. They’re known for their shared strength, trust and courage. People strive to find a tribe where they belong. From sports teams to school cliques, social groups or online communities — everyone is looking for a space where they fit in and can be heard.  

But it’s not just individuals — bands want fans, charities want supporters, and businesses want repeat customers. And as for an ambassador tribe? Well, they’ll be the loyal people who stick by you and shout about your products to anyone who will listen. 

So, why do you need a tribe? Because you can’t win a war with just one soldier — you need a whole army. Your brand’s tribe will share your values, they will help you shape your culture, and each and every one of them will share your brand mission with everyone in their own tribe.

Our company was created by the founders of the clothing brand Onepiece who utilised a tribe of ambassadors to scale their online revenue to over $120 dollars. Our success has fuelled our passion for marketing and we’d like to share our tricks to mastering an ambassador programme, so your brand can flourish too.

We've published a case study on Onepiece's success if you'd like to learn more. Click here to read up on their brand journey.

Brandbassador’s platform was created so brands can easily build, manage and incentivise a tribe of ambassadors. Manual and time-consuming tasks are automated through the platform, while still giving you the ability to be selective about who joins your community. You can also be selective about what tasks you’d like your ambassadors to complete and what incentives you’d like to offer them.

Download the whitepaper to learn about building an ambassador tribe, as well as harnessing their power to enhance your overall revenue and brand awareness.

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