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Ambassador Marketing: An Interview with A Good Company

By Brandbassador | 1 minute read

The motto at A Good Company is to transform from mindless consumption into conscious decisions. They create thoughtful, sustainable and elegant everyday products, so it’s easy to see why they have built up a community of like-minded consumers.

To make the most of this community, A Good Company have partnered with Brandbassador to take away some of the manual tasks of working with ambassadors, and spend more time building relationships.

I spoke with Anders Ankarlid to find out why ambassador marketing is an important part of their strategy and the benefits they are seeing since joining Brandbassador. 


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How long have you been investing in ambassador marketing?

3 months.

How does ambassador marketing fit into your marketing mix?

One of three corner stones that goes hand in hand with user generated content.

What are your expectations from ambassador marketing?

Create user generated content, spread our brand vision and sales.

What were you doing before to manage ambassadors?

Google sheets.

Why did you decide to on Brandbassador?

Due diligence on several platforms.

What is the biggest impact the platform has had on you so far?

75% time savings plus able to manage loads more ambassadors simultaneously.

Thanks to Anders for the chat. A Good Company has already generated over 25K likes on user generate content across Instagram, alongside over 40k Instagram story views. I’m looking forward to watching these numbers grow throughout the next few months.


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