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Brandbassador Releases Social Creator Search to Build Communities

Trelawney Erwin
By Trelawney Erwin | 2 minute read

Press release

A new feature has come to Brandbassador. The award-winning ambassador marketing platform that allows eCommerce brands to build communities that drive brand engagement and sales is proud to introduce their new Creator Search. This function makes it easier and more efficient for brands to grow their community of ambassadors who are eager to advocate for them online.

Brandbassador was founded by the creators of adult onesie sensation Onepiece to overcome the challenges that came with manually managing a large community of brand ambassadors. Today, the platform is trusted by leading social media brands looking to organically increase their brand awareness, generate social buzz, and boost their revenue. Brandbassador currently aims to be the ultimate resource for brands looking to make waves on social media with ambassador marketing.

The newly launched Creator Search unlocks a massive database of public social media profiles. Brands are then able to find new ambassadors within their niche by filtering for dozens of parameters including brands the creators have previously partnered with, interests, keywords, demographics and more. Brands can also search by audience features, producing a collection of users with the specific audience they’re looking for.

"The Creator Search tool enables our brands with another way to build communities that share their brand ethos and can therefore be the best ambassadors to build brand awareness and drive revenue."

- Thomas Adams, Co-Founder and CEO at Brandbassador 

A powerful lookalike feature enables brands to search for creators similar to those who are already in their ambassador community. And the audience lookalike feature helps them find creators with audiences like those that their current brand ambassadors have - simplifying the process of targeting a relevant audience. 

Brandbassador was recently recognised by G2 for being a Leader in Europe’s Customer Advocacy and Influencer Marketing spaces. They were also awarded Best Support for a Small Business in the category of Influencer Marketing Platforms. The release of the Creator Search is a testament to their continued advancement in the world of word-of-mouth marketing services.

"With more than 110 million social media profiles, each with over 1000 followers, the search feature is another of many innovative steps Brandbassador has taken towards making community-led growth more accessible to eCommerce brands."

- Thomas Adams, Co-Founder and CEO at Brandbassador 

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