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Hitting Goals Across Channels: Case Study with Pro Teeth Whitening Co

By Brandbassador | 1 minute read

“Brandbassador has enabled us to have an army of ambassadors to get great content, engagement, and build up our company.”

Ambika Handa, Pro Teeth Whitening Co

Brandbassador gives Pro Teeth Whitening the tools to grow and manage their community, communicate with ambassadors individually or in groups, and measure the results of their campaigns.

These campaigns have increased organic growth for Pro Teeth Whitening, helping them generate revenue through both their own website and Amazon, and grow their social media channels.

When Pro Teeth Whitening runs a campaign for a product launch or a new expansion, they can rely on their huge ambassador community to drive traffic to the campaign on social media creating buzz – all in exchange for great rewards like exclusive access to the products first.

By using a range of mission types, Pro Teeth Whitening Co have kept their community really engaged and now have an army of ambassadors ready to boost their marketing.

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