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Keeping Ambassadors Engaged: A Case Study with Safira

By Brandbassador | 1 minute read

Loyal ambassadors are your most precious asset. They’ll be running around shouting about how great your brand is to anyone who will listen, creating great content and posting on social media, writing five star reviews and getting involved with events and launches. Plus they’ll probably be buying more of your products too.

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They want to be the first to know about your new products, they’ll appreciate exclusive invites to events and parties, and freebies or special discounts will really show how much you care.

It’s also key to stay creative – if it’s fun to be your ambassador, why would they ever leave?

Keeping your customers happy, and in the know, is a great place to start. And the happier they are, the more likely they will advocate for you.

Safira work with a community of over 1000 ambassadors and keep them really engaged by logging in daily and making sure there are new missions for them to take part in every week. Because of this, Safira has generated thousands of missions completions and hundreds of thousands social media engagements.

We spoke with Hanna Bygdén, Social Commerce Coordinator at Safira to find out why they chose Brandbassador and what they like best about the platform.


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