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6 Characteristics of a Successful Brand Ambassador

Marike Watson
By Marike Watson | 4 minute read

A brand ambassador has the power to elevate a brand across multiple social channels simply through the genuine endorsement of a company and their services or products. By talking about brands on their socials, an ambassador amplifies what we’d normally refer to as word-of-mouth marketing. 

Most ambassadors are successful in this mission, but that simply isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s not as easy to get the word out about an upcoming or established brand, especially in today’s digital age where the market is oversaturated with new brands and products making their debut on a daily basis. 

Despite what others may say, there is a slight science behind finding the right ambassadors to represent a brand. If you’re eager to assemble a team of brand enthusiasts to get the word out on your company, keep an eye out for these 6 characteristics:

1. Basic Comprehension of Marketing

Although your brand ambassadors don’t need a formal qualification, they should grasp the basics of marketing, specifically digital marketing strategies and campaigns. This knowledge will equip them with the tools to enhance their role in your business, which is a marketing role at its core. The better they understand the nature of what it is to advocate for a brand, the better their success as a referral channel will be. 

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2. Gathers Insight and Reports Back

Because a brand ambassador already loves what the brand stands for, they’ll be willing to try out new products and provide honest feedback based on their experience. This is an influential feature of ambassador marketing, since it allows companies the chance to gather valuable criticism and insight into new products or services at a ground level. By reporting their thoughts on a product or service, brand ambassadors can improve the quality of a brand’s output.   

3. Engaging Online Presence

It’s essential for brand ambassadors to have an established online presence, though not necessarily to have millions of followers. Naturally, the more followers an ambassador has the larger their online reach will be, but it isn’t as important as what their level of engagement with their following is. Brand ambassadors that actively connect with their followers appear more trustworthy, which in turns makes their recommendations of a brand more appealing and interesting. 

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4. Keep it Professional

A brand ambassador’s online personality and lifestyle should ideally reflect the same general ethos of the brand they’re representing. Representation is an important word here, because it entails how the ambassador continues to serve as a company spokesperson outside of the targeted posts made for the brand. 

An ambassador shouldn’t advocate for your company in some posts, while displaying a different message in others. This disconnect is something that should be avoided at all costs. It doesn’t look professional, and could cast your brand in irredeemable negative light.  

5. Lead Your Community 

Word-of-mouth recommendations often come from people we trust, like our friends and family members. Normally, we’d seek advice about certain products or services from people we’d associate those kinds of products with. This could be because they’ve mentioned it to us before, or it’s something we know they’re knowledgeable about. 

In the same way, ambassadors have a particular niche that displays what they’d most likely be knowledgeable in. This could be anything from fashion and photography to DIY renovation projects and sporting equipment. Consumers won’t seek advice on photography products from a food blogger, for example, so it’s important to make sure you select an online personality that could actually lead their followers to your brand.  

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6. Be Excited the Authentic Way

More and more, consumers are becoming aware of posed digital marketing campaigns where creators simply don’t seem interested in what they’re selling. Fake authenticity isn’t a difficult thing to spot. In fact, it’s super easy to tell when a digital creator isn’t invested in the brand or products they’re plugging. 

That’s why it’s vital to employ brand ambassadors that truly want to support what your brand does. If they’re familiar with the company and the products, they’ll be able to answer questions from their followers and provide content about your brand that feels authentic and genuine. This feeling of authenticity builds brand identity and has shown that it elevates sales growth

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