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Ambassador Marketing: An Interview with A Good Company
The motto at A Good Company is to transform from mindless consumption into conscious decisions. They create thoughtful, sustainable and elegant...
Transparency Over Results: A Case Study with Hermine Hold
“Tracking sales and ROI is usually difficult. Brandbassador makes it very clear how much you’ve earned a month.” Ignacio Varas, Marketing Manager
Temporary Tattoos, Real Engagement: A Case Study with Inkbox
Authenticity is a big subject in word of mouth marketing, especially online. You only need to glance over posts like our 8 big influencer marketing...
Hitting Goals Across Channels: Case Study with Pro Teeth Whitening Co
“Brandbassador has enabled us to have an army of ambassadors to get great content, engagement, and build up our company.” Ambika Handa, Pro Teeth...
Unlimited Possibilities of Brandbassador: Case Study with Hunkemöller
The best way to be successful at ambassador marketing is to offer lots of different ways for your community to engage with your brand and products....
Keeping Ambassadors Engaged: A Case Study with Safira
Loyal ambassadors are your most precious asset. They’ll be running around shouting about how great your brand is to anyone who will listen, creating...

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