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Temporary Tattoos, Real Engagement: A Case Study with Inkbox

By Brandbassador | 1 minute read

Authenticity is a big subject in word of mouth marketing, especially online. You only need to glance over posts like our 8 big influencer marketing fails to see why only 4% of consumers stay they trust influencers. Luckily, that’s where ambassadors come in – normal people who are passionate about your brand and products. This is where real engagement happens.

By partnering with Brandbassador, Inkbox has used the platform to drive real engagement and increase genuine user generated content.

Whether it’s generating buzz through Instagram Stories, showcasing their new designs or increasing engagement on their own channels – with Brandbassador, Inkbox are in control of the narrative.

New features like chain missions have allowed Inkbox to truly make the most of their community by requiring their ambassadors to complete tasks before unlocking the next.

The results speak for themselves:

The Inkbox community is engaged and love taking part in their missions. Top ambassadors in their community have completed over 100 missions for them through the app, getting involved at every chance they can. This true passion for the Inkbox brand cannot be replicated.

Inkbox has received over 2,500 unique pieces of user content, generating over 200K post engagements and creating a social buzz value of $40K.


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