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Whitepaper: Why Consumers Love B Corps & Ambassador Marketing

Marike Watson
By Marike Watson | 2 minute read

Certified B Corporations (B Corps) are a community of brands that do business with a greater purpose in mind. They’re interested in the future of our planet and its people, so their business practices ultimately value the greater good of our society and the environment over profit. 

In this whitepaper, we take a look at how companies become B Corp certified, what it entails, and why consumers love them. B Corps are companies that maintain a clearly-stated brand mission when it comes to what their business does and its overarching impact on the planet. Their brand missions are always mindful — something we feel speaks to the essence of ambassador marketing.   

Our paper dives into the structure of ambassador marketing and what an ambassador programme could look like for a B Corp brand. Ambassador marketing is all about enlisting people who already support your company as brand representatives to talk about what you do online through word-of-mouth marketing. We believe this form of marketing brings added value to companies that particularly champion mindful values and ideals. 

Still unsure of the difference between influencers and ambassadors? Click the highlighted text to learn more.

Gen Z and millennials are considered ‘purpose’ generations given their belief that businesses should aim to improve society and leave a positive impact on the world. These generations already make up a large sector of the consumer marketplace and workforce, so their principles should be held in high regard when making business decisions that affect the future. 

Millennials and Gen Z love brand ambassadors, because they offer creative content that doesn’t feel like mindless endorsements. Brand ambassadors won’t promote something that doesn’t align with their values, so consumers perceive the voice of an ambassador as someone they can trust. 

To illustrate how ambassador marketing and B Corps could function together, we highlight B Corp brands such as Ocean Bottle and Pela that have actively used ambassadors to promote their brand initiatives. We also examine three marketing scenarios you may find yourself in, and recommend ways in which we think you could improve your efforts.

If you're keen to learn more about B Corps, check out our Q&A with Peak Design , one of the most successful B Corp brands out there today.

Finding a marketing solution that fully considers your brand message may seem like an impossible task, but with the right ambassador programme you’ll find the right people to promote your company (and they’ll do it with passion, because they already support what you do).      

If your company has a strong, mindful brand mission like turning the tide on plastic waste, then ambassador marketing is the perfect route for you to get the word out on what you do. 

The Brandbassador platform provides an ambassador marketing solution that will connect you with talented individuals to endorse your brand in creative, nuanced ways. Our platform will ensure you link up with people who share your values, especially if those values place the greater good of our planet and its people over profit. 

Download our whitepaper to read the full report on why consumers love B Corps and ambassador marketing, as well as how ambassador marketing could enhance your brand awareness and appeal.

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