Whitepaper: How Ambassadors Can Double Brand Engagement With Influence

By Brandbassador | 3 minute read

More and more, brands are starting to see less bang for their buck with influencer marketing. Costs are rising, fake followers are getting harder to spot, social feeds are becoming more curated, and competition is super stiff. 

But this is why ambassador marketing is growing. Brands are currently building powerful ambassador communities by employing their very own customers and fans as brand representatives. Our whitepaper explores this shift in marketing by examining why the use of influencers is getting harder to manage, what the difference between a brand ambassador and an influencer is, and how you could join the pioneering movement of ambassador marketing.  

Ambassadors are super loyal to the brands they work with, so they'll step away from something that doesn't align with their values. Gymshark's success with ambassador marketing to read where we unpack this more deeply.

At its core, ambassador marketing offers a powerful and influential word-of-mouth technique that generates organic social buzz around a brand. And unlike influencer marketing, ambassador marketing continues to function in both online and offline settings. The trick is that it continues to build your community of customers and fans on a long-term basis, rather than just trying to rev up new followers with a quick paid social media post. 

Although user-generated content and social interaction definitely plays a role in ambassador marketing, it’s not the only way we’ve found this tactic can be put to good use. Ambassador marketing is all about utilising authentic voices in all spaces across offline and online settings to scale the success of your brand as a whole.

Studies have shown that word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most valuable forms of marketing and that it actually surpasses the sales of paid ads by bringing in double the amount of conversions. These same studies indicate that word-of-mouth recommendations influence up to 50% of all purchasing decisions. And if you’re in a position to lead this conversation it can be even more powerful. 

You may be wondering, but can WoM marketing work even in settings like a pandemic? We say it can! And to prove it, we've compiled a list to show you how you can utilise ambassador marketing anytime, anywhere.

Word-of-mouth marketing may have been around since the dawn of time, from cavemen sharing tips on the best hunting spots to mums providing each other with parenting tips, but influencer marketing isn’t new either. 

Companies have worked with celebs and those with influence for many years. Take George Clooney teaming up with Nespresso, for example. Or even Kendall Jenner’s collaboration with Pepsi. Think about sports stars such as Michael Jordan working with Nike. These are all early examples of influencer marketing. 

The rise of social media offered companies new opportunities to get their message out using influential people. And once a few started, the technique really took off.   

Brands that employed influencer marketing truly saw the impact of their marketing efforts. Worldwide Google searches for the term have even skyrocketed by over 3000% in the last 5 years. And despite a few small dips, it’s easy to see how influencer marketing has grown.

But what about a new way forward? With ambassador marketing, you’ll build brand loyalty, generate new content, and make double the amount of sales than if you’d only enlisted an influencer to promote your brand. We’ve done the research, and in this whitepaper, we show you how it’s possible. 

Our knowledge can give you the tools to help your brand shine in newfound ways. Download our whitepaper to read about how you can harness the power of an ambassador community to generate revenue and brand awareness unlike ever before.

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