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How to nurture your most loyal fans – a case study

Written by: Brandbassador / 22 Mar 2019

86% of customers would pay more for a better customer experience. Generally this comes down to two main factors –  a positive experience and a personal touch.

One of the most powerful ways to earn the loyalty of your customers is to give them a sense of belonging and appreciation for their business.

Retention is cheaper than acquisition, in fact, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increases profits by anything from 25 to 95%. Keep your customers and fans happy and they will keep buying and shouting about how great your brand is.

Caliroots, a streetwear multibrand shop were looking for a platform that would help them find and nurture their most loyal fans and customers.

They found Brandbassador to be the ideal solution. Caliroots are now able to show real appreciation to their loyal fans (while making an extra buck or two!).

Caliroots easily manage over 4,600 VIP customers and fans, making use of one of their strongest assets, their community.

In the first 12 months Caliroots achieved: 

  • 4,643 ambassadors
  • 19,920 completed missions
  • 562 social posts
  • $814K discount code revenue


“Amazing results! And still very easy to use and control”

Andreas Koschinke, CEO


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Caliroots are just one of the many brands that are using Brandbassador to provide great incentives and opportunities for their loyal customers.

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