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How to easily manage your influencers and ambassadors – a case study

Written by: Brandbassador / 22 Mar 2019

When you’re working with influencers and ambassadors at scale it can be a challenge to keep track of them all in one place – and you certainly don’t want to lose any!

With the switch from one or two celebrity influencers to hundreds or even thousands of micro influencers, brands are left juggling numerous relationships at once.

Building and managing your community and might sound like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be.

MVMT Watches, a California based watch brand, wanted a CRM system to manage all their influencers and ambassadors, that would also let them activate and incentivize them to connect with their brand.

By moving to the Brandbassador platform, the team at MVMT were able to really make the most of their ambassador community, driving real change.

MVMT Case Study

In the first 12 months MVMT achieved: 

  • 24,870 ambassadors
  • 28,920 completed missions
  • 1,214 Instagram posts


“Brandbassador has shown substantial impact on our overall marketing mix”

Ethan Frame, Acquisition Manager



MVMT are just one of the many brands that have switched to an automated way of managing and incentivising their community.

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