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How to scale product seeding and social content creation – a case study

Written by: Brandbassador / 22 Mar 2019

Product seeding is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. When you send lots of influential people a free product, you can quickly reach a wide, targeted audience of potential consumers. However, unless you’re able to seed at scale, you’re unlikely achieve the desired reach. The process of manually sending out hundreds of freebies is not simple.

The same is true for user created content.

iDeal of Sweden, a fashion brand for cell phone accessories, was looking for a smarter solution to scale product seeding and social content creation.

With a huge pool of customers iDeal of Sweden had their hands full trying to keep on top of the relationship with their fans, and product seeding was taking up too much time.

They now have over 13,500 pieces of social content created and shared by their ambassadors.

iDeal of Sweden

In the first 12 months iDeal of Sweden achieved: 

  • $950K discount code revenue
  • 18,910 ambassadors
  • 13,700 social posts
  • 188,360 completed missions


“No platform we have tried beats Brandbassador”

Nathalie Edtrom, Social Media Manager


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iDeal of Sweden are just one of brands using Brandbassador for simplified product seeding and managing user-created social content.

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