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Brandbassador - the Ultimate Ambassador Management Platform for Fast Growing Ecommerce Brands


Ideal of Sweden

“Brandbassador lets us keep our best customers engaged under one umbrella."

"We are so happy we made the switch to Brandbassador! I love how organized and resourceful it is."

“If you’re looking for a way to grow and foster your community in an engaging, efficient and streamlined manner - Brandbassador is the tool for you.”

"The best way to build an international ambassador community! It is one of our best marketing channels. "

“Brandbassdor has really thought of so many corner cases and potential issues that can arise when working with a large number of ambassadors.”

"State of the art Micro and Nano Influencer Tool! Brandbassador perfectly matches the "on the go" lifestyle of [nano] influencers."

“Brandbassador has really helped us automate finding and engaging with ambassadors.”

"A Must-Have Tool for a Growing eCommerce Brand! A sophisticated tool to allow me and my team to manage our customers and ambassadors."

“Brandbassador really helps with getting brand awareness on a constant basis.”

"The Brandbassador team bring vast platform expertise, with tremendous experience working with ambassadors, which has been crucial in building and activating our community."

“No matter how great your products are, you need an affiliate program like Brandbassador to push your brand outward.”

"I enjoy being able to have all of my ambassador information in one place. I can see their sales, what we spent, missions they are doing, who my top ambassadors are."


Harness the Power of your Brand Ambassadors

Build a community of your loyal customers, followers & fans to build social buzz around your brand. Use ambassadors to generate content, brand awareness, drive sales and deliver better results.

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Generate Social Buzz &
Drive Sales

  • Track revenue & social engagement generated by your ambassadors
  • Track revenue through discount codes directly within the platform
  • Optimise your campaign performance towards brand building & sales
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Reward Your Ambassadors & Sales Champions

Reward ambassadors for generating sales with commission, gift-cards or free products directly through the platform.

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Turn Your Customers &
Fans Into Ambassadors

A single place to manage all your ambassador community data, activities & communication

  • Custom Branded Signup Page
  • Activate Your Existing Customers & Fans
  • Review & Approve Your Ambassadors
  • Unlimited Ambassadors
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Create Automated

Create Automated Marketing Campaigns for Your Ambassadors

Create mini-marketing campaigns for your Ambassadors to complete using our innovative 'Mission Maker'. With this advanced gamification setup you can easily generate & automate social buzz, engagement and revenue through your Ambassador community.

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Plug & Play

Select one of our many plug and play integration options to easily track the revenue generated by your ambassador community

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Dedicated app

Dedicated App for Your Ambassadors

Engage your ambassador community by creating fun marketing campaigns, one-to many communication and providing them with the tools to generate sales and social buzz for your brand - the possibilities are endless!

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