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Activate and nurture relationships with your customers, followers and fans who already love and care about your brand. Drive social buzz and revenue through incentivised marketing tasks and track ROI in real-time.

Brandbassador - the Ultimate Ambassador Management Platform for Fast Growing Ecommerce Brands
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Brandbassador leads on G2 in Winter 2022

We’re proud to have earned 5 leader badges in G2’s Customer Advocacy & Influencer Marketing categories for Winter 2022

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"A brilliant, engaging way to build a successful ambassador program."

"Brandbassador is an amazing platform and everyone who's not using it yet and wants to build an ambassador programme - should!"

"Easy to use, generates great content and revenue. Brandbassador makes managing a large group of ambassadors a breeze!!"

“If you’re looking for a way to grow and foster your community in an engaging, efficient and streamlined manner - Brandbassador is the tool for you.”

"Brandbassador is a great tool when starting a new ambassador platform. It is effortless to use and very self-explanatory."

"We have seen a visible hike in our community since we started using the platform. Our social media reach has gone to 53.56 million, with a whopping 7% increase in Instagram itself.”

"Brandbassador has been an overall exciting and positive addition to our B2C marketing outlets."

“Brandbassador has really helped us automate finding and engaging with ambassadors.”

"The Brandbassador team bring vast platform expertise, with tremendous experience working with ambassadors, which has been crucial in building and activating our community."

"The best way to build an international ambassador community! It is one of our best marketing channels."

"State of the art micro and nano influencer tool! Brandbassador perfectly matches the "on the go" lifestyle of [nano] influencers."


Activate your Ambassador Community

Tried & trusted activation campaigns guided by your CSM to get your customers, followers and fans to sign up to become your brand ambassadors. 

  • Activate your existing customers & fans
  • Custom branded sign-up page
  • Review & approve ambassador applications
  • Unlimited ambassadors
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Manage Ambassador Relationships From a Centralised Dashboard

One place to manage all your ambassador relationships, results, activities and communication.

  • View reports
  • Send bulk messages
  • Track performance
  • Engage with ambassadors
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Create Automated

Create Marketing Tasks for Your Ambassadors

Assign incentivised marketing tasks to your ambassadors using our innovative 'Mission Maker'. With an Advanced Gamification Setup, easily generate & automate social buzz, engagement and revenue through your Ambassador community.

  • Send tailored tasks to custom groups of ambassadors with advanced filtering & segments
  • Increase engagement with social trend templates, updated weekly or dream up your own tasks
  • Choose from 4 types of rewards in Brandbassador’s ‘Mission Maker’ - points, gift cards, cash, and free products.
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Harness the Power of Your Ambassadors to Drive Revenue

Incentivise your ambassador community to create and share content and meet your revenue goals for your business.

  • Optimise your campaigns to target sales performance
  • Track revenue generated through discount codes & tracking links directly within the platform
  • Segment your ambassadors into sub-categories or rank them based on performance
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Leverage your Ambassadors to Generate Social Buzz

Task your community of your loyal customers, followers & fans to create content around causes that matter to you and your brand to generate social buzz & brand awareness.

  • Optimise your ambassador marketing campaigns towards brand building & generating social buzz
  • Track & report on social buzz value generated by your ambassadors
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Reward Your Brand Ambassadors & Sales Champions

Build loyalty by rewarding customers and fans when they post content & meet your revenue goals 

  • Use unique tracking links to recognise higher-performing ambassadors
  • Offer top-performing ambassadors special gifts, free products & rewards
  • Manage distribution of all incentives and rewards through the platform
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Dedicated app

A Dedicated App to Nurture Your Ambassadors

Engage your ambassador community through push notifications and tailored campaigns.

Ambassadors can:

  • Track achievements & sales generated
  • Track gift cards & rewards
  • Invite team members to campaigns
  • Create custom discount codes
  • Withdraw their earnings through the app
  • In-app support team
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Seamlessly Integrate with Major eCommerce Platforms

Select one of our many plug and play integrations to easily track the revenue generated by your ambassador community. The integrations allow brands to:

  • Tracking Links - monitor the impact of ambassador sales
  • Discount Codes - incentivise ambassador revenue
  • Gift Cards - reward ambassadors for completing a Mission
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