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How much does the software cost?

We have different pricing plans available depending on your brand's needs. Because we want every brand using our software to see success, we do have a criteria for brands we work with. Click here to see if your brand is ready for an ambassador marketing program! Meet the criteria? Book a demo! We'd love to have a quick chat with you to learn more about your goals and determine which package would best help you reach them.

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Is Brandbassador influencer software?

Not exactly. We're ambassador marketing software that allows you to build and leverage relationships with your existing customers, followers and fans. By activating your already enthusiastic community, you can create marketing campaigns that explode brand awareness and engagement and drive sales. Read more about the differences in our whitepaper, Under The Influence: Influencer vs Ambassador Marketing.

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Do I have the choice of who my ambassadors will be?

Yes, you are the gatekeeper of your program and have the final say on who comes in. We highly recommend that you recruit your existing customers and fans to join your ambassador community to achieve success with our software. Read our blog post on tried & trusted activation methods for your next ambassador marketing campaign that we recommend to all brands who use our software.

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Can I bring existing ambassadors to the software?

Yes! In fact, many brands transfer their existing brand ambassador program to the Brandbassador software, bringing all of their current ambassadors with them. If you already have brand ambassadors, we recommend that you invite them to join you on Brandbassador for your best chance of success with us. See some of the best ways to activate your community for your next ambassador marketing campaign.

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Is there a search functionality for "influencers"?

Yes and no. You can search using various filters to find influencers or ambassadors who are already members of your program. However, searching social media platforms using third-party data to find new members is not allowed.

Social platforms like those owned by Meta are no longer integrating with companies who use third-party search tools. 

We always recommend that brands create a community of their already loyal customers, followers, and fans, to ensure authenticity and long-term relationships.

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What is the average ROI for brands using Brandbassador?

As much as we wish we could give you a guaranteed number, ROI is relative to a brands use case, KPI's, profit margins, and more. To give a generalised idea, some brands who are not focusing on sales reach and maintain an ROI of around 100%. Other brands who use Brandbassador to boost revenue have seen as high as 600-700%, like In God We Must. If you want to have more precise info regarding your brand, feel free to book a call with one of our ambassador marketing specialists. You can also check out this blog post on ways to improve your ROI on ambassador marketing campaigns.

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How many hours a day does it take to manage an ambassador program with software like this?

Our solution was designed so that brands wouldn't have to spend long hours managing even the largest programs. While time requirements are influenced by the number of ambassadors, on average, we find that brands with between 500 to 5000 ambassadors only have to spend 1-2 hours every business day managing their programs.

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What are the specific benefits of the software?

Brandbassador allows you to:
- Activate your customers, followers, and fans and turn them into enthusiastic advocates for your brand
- Simplify managing ambassador relationships from a centralised dashboard
- Create gamified marketing tasks for your ambassadors
- Harness the social power of your ambassadors to generate social buzz and drive revenue
- Reward your brand ambassadors and sales champions to nurture long-term relationships and encourage quality content
- Seamlessly integrate with major eCommerce platforms
- Track campaign and ambassador metrics to inform future campaigns and create lasting growth

For more ways Brandbassador can help your brand grow, check out our blog article on 7 things our software gives brands who manage ambassador communities.

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How many influencers are accessible through the software?

We have over a million ambassadors that connect with their favourite brands through our software. However, we don't recommend that brands recruit brand ambassadors from the users on our app. Instead, we've seen that for brands to achieve success with our software, they should recruit their own customers, followers, and fans to join their community. This ensures the people ambassadors creating content for you genuinely care about and support your brand.

What is ambassador marketing?

Ambassador marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing that uses your best customers and loyal fans to spread the word about your brand. Brand ambassadors create posts, photos, videos, and more that highlight a brand, its products, and encourage others to consider the brands they represent. Brand ambassadors earn exciting rewards for completing marketing tasks, and brands receive promotional content that they can use in future campaigns.

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Is ambassador marketing different from influencer marketing?

We're glad you asked! Yes. Influencer marketing is a transactional-based relationship between a brand and an online personality with many followers. Ambassador marketing, on the other hand, involves forming long-term relationships between a brand and their loyal customers, followers, and fans. While the goals may be similar, ambassador content tends to be seen as more trustworthy and higher converting. Learn more in our whitepaper, Under The Influence: Influencer vs Ambassador Marketing.

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What is a Mission?

Missions are what we call the mini-marketing tasks that you give your brand ambassadors to complete in return for rewards. Missions can range from short tasks such as following your social media accounts to more involved assignments like creating a TikTok video. You could even make offline Missions! Rewards for Missions include gift cards, points, cash, or freebies.

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Can I filter ambassadors by location?

Yes. We have 26 standard filters available in the software, including location. 

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Can I add my own ambassador filters?

Yes! We have 26 standard filters available in the software, but if you find you're frequently using multiple filters to find an ultra-specific demographic (for example, women between 18-30 who live in the UK and have over 5K Instagram followers) you can save this stack of filters as a custom single filter to easily refer back to. 

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What eCommerce platforms integrate with Brandbassador?

Brandbassador currently integrates with these major eCommerce platforms:

Big Commerce
Adobe Commerce

Our skilled dev team can also create custom integrations for brands whose eCommerce platforms are not included in the list above. Learn more about using ambassador marketing with plug & play integration.

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My brand sells services. Can I use Brandbassador?

Brandbassador was designed to help eCommerce brands grow their awareness, engagement, and revenue through an infinitely scaleable ambassador marketing program. We offer many great features such as the ability to track performance and deliver rewards automatically. In order for these features to work in the backend, we need to be able to integrate the features with your online transaction platform (eCommerce). Without the eCommerce model, our solution becomes limited and may not provide the ROI you're looking for.

I gave a brand email address but it still is not allowing me to book a demo, why is that?

Sorry to hear that! Please send us an email at so we can help you out.

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Do you bridge the gap between companies and influencers?

We bridge the gap between companies and brand ambassadors. We give you a centralised location to manage and nurture relationships with your ambassadors and create an army of advocates who are shouting about your brand online. You can learn more in our whitepaper, Under The Influence: Influencer vs Ambassador Marketing.

I am a small brand looking for a tool that will help me increase my sales and brand awareness, can you help me with this?

Brandbassador helps brands scale their ambassador programs through their established communities of customers and fans. It's crucial you are confident you can activate your community. Without a strong base of ambassadors, it could take some time to see a satisfactory ROI with our software. Learn more in our blog post about whether your brand is ready for an  ambassador marketing program. Or watch this video!

Please feel free to book a demo if you would like to know more.

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Are you an Influencer Marketing Agency? Can I outsource everything to you for management?

Brandbassador acts as in-house management software. Though Brandbassador is designed so that brands don't have to spend loads of resources on their ambassador marketing strategy, it's still necessary to have a designated team member in charge of the program. Your ambassadors are real people who love and want to engage with your brand. Who better to communicate with them and nurture those relationships than a member of your team?

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How can I learn more about your software or your pricing without booking a demo?

If you'd like to learn more about some of our features, you can check out this article on  7 things our software gives brands who manage ambassador communities, or this video. For an in-depth look at the software, we recommend booking a demo. Every brand has different needs and goals for their ambassador marketing program. We've found it works best to sit down and learn about your brand so we can show you how Brandbassador can be tailored to your needs. We discuss our pricing options during the demo.

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What social channels can you integrate with?

The Brandbassador software currently integrates with:


Our talented dev team is always keeping up with emerging social channels and improving current integrations.

*Ambassadors can link their TikTok accounts and brand can create missions for TikTok but brands cannot currently link a TikTok account.

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Can we set a Mission for a specific location?

Yes! When creating a Mission, it's easy to choose a specific parameter like location, gender, follower count, or more so that only ambassadors that fit that parameter have access to the Mission.

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How do I know if Brandbassador is the right fit for our brand?

While we have a few resources like this article that help you gauge if you're ready for an  ambassador marketing program, the best way to determine if our solution is right for your brand's needs is by booking a demo with us. During the demo, we'll discuss your goals and walk you through Brandbassador's software while highlighting the features that could help you achieve those goals.

What type of incentives do you support with the software?

Incentives supported by the Brandbassador software include:

Exclusive discounts
Commission on sales
Cash rewards
Gift Cards
Points Systems
And freebies!

You can also reward your ambassadors in different ways, such as offering higher-tier rewards for top performers or featuring ambassador content outside of our software on your website or social media channels.

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