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We make it possible for eCommerce brands to forge lasting relationships with their customers, followers, and fans and - through gamified missions - create genuine, user-generated content, amplify social engagement, and increase revenue.

About Brandbassador

Brandbassador was created by the founders of the clothing sensation Onepiece. A brand built and fuelled by social media marketing to grow to almost $200 million dollars in online revenue.

We experienced first-hand how difficult it is to manually scale and track the results of ambassador marketing. Brandbassador was built as a solution to this pain and refined over 8 years of pioneering social media marketing from a brand's perspective. Now with years of experience launching various communities big and small from all over the world, we are experts in word-of-mouth marketing.

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Story of Company

Onepiece Established

To win some, you have to lose some. This was the mindset that led to the foundation of Onepiece, one lazy Sunday in Oslo.

Onepiece Expands With Their Ambassador Network

Onepiece’s ambassador network expanded exponentially us the understood the power of social media which started the Onepiece ambassador program.

Brandbassador 1.0 Goes Live

The first portal where Onepiece Ambassadors could log in, create their own discount codes, redeem free product gifts and withdraw their commission launched.

PieceKeepers Launch

Onepiece launch the PieceKeeper programme, and Missions are introduced for the first time, where ambassadors can earn rewards automatically by completing actions online or offline.

Social Currency

‘Social Currency’ was launched for the first time in the Onepiece store in NYC where for the first time rewards were given automatically based on social media followers and engagement.

Brandbassador is Born

Brandbassador launches and takes over from the PieceKeeper program. Brandbassador is separated from Onepiece and is now a separate company. For the first time ambassadors can work with other brands like Popsockets and Daniel Wellington.

Brandbassador Yacht Trip in the Caribbean

The first goal on Brandbassador was achieved - and 10 of the top Brandbassadors were rewarded with an epic yacht trip in the Caribbean.

Seed Round

The first capital raise was successfully completed. A competent board was formed shortly thereafter with strategic partners like Jørn Lyseggen from Meltwater, Micke Paqvalen from Kiosked and Carl-Erik Hagen from Canica International.

App Live in iTunes and Google Play Store

Working hard for a true mobile and gamified experience for ambassadors, the Brandbassador App launches on iTunes and the Google Play store.

50 Brands Live on Brandbassador

There are now 50 brands live on Brandbassador from all different industries and sectors. These brands now reward their ambassadors with cash, gift cards and free products.

250k Brandbassadors

Brandbassador now has 250,000 active users who have become a powerful eco-system of social media ambassadors and cool kids from around the globe working with their favourite brands.

Brandbassador Launch MyShop

With a goal to create a frictionless shopping experience that would be powered by social commerce MyShop was born. A pioneering social commerce feature for brands in the e-Commerce space.

1 Million Ambassadors

Over 1 million ambassadors use the Brandbassador platform to connect with their favourite brands. That’s 1 million advocates helping to create social buzz and boost revenue by sharing their love for these brands.

550 eCommerce Brands

550 eCommerce brands have used Brandbassador's ambassador marketing platform to engage with their communities, create brand awareness and get high-quality user-generated content. 

Our Values

Passion for Success
Passion for Success
We're passionate about helping brands achieve their desired business outcomes through word of mouth marketing. With a team of domain experts we help brands build a community from their best customers, followers and fans. Through this community they generate brand awarness, content, revenue, engagement and social buzz in a real and authentic way.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on the success of our customers but also the satisfaction they feel working with us as a brand partner. Our Customer Success team has internal KPIs that tie their own career success with the success of a brand’s performance, therefore they are always extremely motivated to help a brand achieve the business outcomes they need to see to deem the partnership a success.

Our mission is to transform how brands value and utilise the power of their customers, followers and fans. Our goal is to delight our brand partners and we regularly obsess over the question ‘will this make our customers more successful?’ To make this possible we have built a powerful ‘dream team’ of people who care deeply about one another and our collective mission.

The Executive Team

Thomas Adams
CEO & Founder
Ole Fjelberg
COO & Co-Founder
Matt Harris
CRO & Partner
Eimear Kirwan
VP of Customer Success
Amir Bengherbi
Tech Lead

Board of Directors

Eilert Giertsen Hanoa

Eilert is the Chief Executive Officer of Kahoot! He joined Brandbassador as investor and board member in October 2020.

Micke Paqvalén
Board Member

Former Chairman of Brandbassador, Micke founded HEAL & TRÄ, Learning Intelligence Group & Kiosked.

Carl Erik Hagen
Board Member

Carl is a project manager at Canica AG in Schwyz, Switzerland.

Thomas Martin Adams
Board Member

Thomas is the founder and CEO of Brandbassador. He's the founder and majority shareholder at Onepiece.

Ole Fjelberg
Board Member

Ole is the COO and co-founder at Brandbassador. He has worked 10 years with SOME marketing


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