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A Recipe for Micro-Influencer Success: Platform + a Team of Social Media Experts

Naked and Thriving produce organic botanical skincare that is formulated using all-natural and organic plant botanicals. They believe that healthy skin is the best thing you can wear at every age. 

  • Location: New York, USA
  • Employees: 11-50
  • Industry: Beauty and skincare
George Ballen_Naked and Thriving
George Ballen
Executive Assistant

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  • 215%
    in first month
  • 350
    in under 4 months
  • 8.68m
    Total reach
    in under 4 months

The Challenge

The team at Naked and Thriving recognised that they had major strengths in large commercial marketing strategies but felt that they had a growth opportunity when it came to influencer and ambassador marketing.

They knew they wanted to explore the area for its potential to drive revenue and build brand awareness. 


Pain Points

  • Opportunity for growth and learning in managing influencer marketing campaigns
  • Small amount of user-generated content
  • Insufficient social media analytics to compare results
  • Formulating ambassador marketing goals

A Platform Piloted by Experts

When searching for a tool that could run and automate their influencer marketing campaigns, Naked and Thriving was not looking to build their strategy in-house.

They were mindful they didn’t have the time resource available or the experience.

They explored many other platforms but none of them provided a platform backed by a team of social media experts that could strategise and manage their micro-influencer marketing campaigns. 


Collaborating for Success

Naked and Thriving bring their needs to the team and appreciate the team’s social media and ambassador marketing experience is clearly demonstrated and their suggestions are strongly supported by industry trends and expertise. 

The brand likes that it’s easy to track the success of its ambassador program with data that’s clear and understandable.

The Results

Brandbassador’s team has worked with Naked and Thriving’s wider marketing initiatives to set goals, and build and develop their social media and influencer marketing strategies.

Their collaborative relationship has been invaluable for the success of their ambassador marketing program and as a result, the brand saw a 215% return on investment in their first month on the platform - an unprecedented time-to-value. 

Thanks to content submitted through Missions on Brandbassador, Naked and Thriving have been able to replace polished content in their paid media with relatable content created by their ambassador community, with better results. 

Brandbassador’s managed services offers a human approach with personally created strategies to ensure that brands see success on the platform. The expert team work beyond the platform features to create micro-influencer marketing campaigns that perfectly fit a brand’s goals. Book a demo to find out more. 


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