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The best resources for deeper insights on how you can utilise ambassador & micro-influencer marketing to engage your community and grow your brand

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Build Your Brand’s Community with an Ambassador Persona
Learn about ambassador personas and how you can use one to help you identify the best brand ambassadors for your company!
What is Ambassador Marketing? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
The first step of an ambassador marketing program is having a strong community ready to shout about your brand. But how do you build that community?
Building Your Ambassador Community in 2023: The Ultimate Guide
The first step of an ambassador marketing program is having a strong community ready to shout about your brand. But how do you build that community?
15 Ambassador Marketing Tactics that Perform Best in 2023

Today’s expansive digital climate leaves a ton of room for new avenues of marketing to eclipse what we know as traditional print and media ads…

12 Out of The Box Ambassador Marketing Tasks to Boost Engagement

Off-the-wall marketing tasks brands are using to increase social engagement and sales and how you can take these ideas and use them to inspire your own.

9 Ways To Transform Your Brand Ambassadors Into A Lean, Mean Content-Generating Machine
Get tips on ways that you can get better quality content from your customers, followers and fans through ambassador marketing.
12 Festive Ambassador Marketing Tasks To Sleigh The 2022 Holiday Season

This whitepaper includes 12 tried-and-tested ambassador marketing tasks can help you to get holiday-themed content from your ambassadors and drive sales. 

8 Must-Have Ambassador Marketing Tactics to Boost Sales This Shopping Season
8 ambassador marketing tactics to skyrocket fourth-quarter sales plus real examples of how brands are using them to engage with their brand ambassadors...
14 Instagram Features & Examples of How Real Brands Use Them in Ambassador Marketing

The ultimate guide on Instagram’s features and examples of how real eCommerce brands just like yours can use them to boost sales, get user-generated content and more.

The Future of eCommerce in 2023 and Beyond
Gain industry insight into the future of eCommerce marketing and how ambassador marketing can grow your eCommerce business. 
5 Steps to Plan an Ambassador Marketing Campaign That Drives Sales

Every business goal is to drive sales, but how do businesses utilise brand ambassadors or micro-influencers to generate revenue?  There are a number...

4 Ways to Create a Fun Brand Ambassador Program That Works

Studies have shown that word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most valuable forms of marketing and that they actually surpass the sales of paid ads...

Why Consumers Love B Corps & Ambassador Marketing

In this whitepaper, we take a look at how companies become B Corp certified, what it entails, and why consumers love them.  B Corps are companies that...

Under The Influence: Influencer vs Ambassador Marketing

It's common for people to think of influencer and ambassador marketing as the very same thing but we're here to help you differentiate between the two...

The ROI of Ambassador Marketing – A Comprehensive Guide

The challenge of ambassador marketing is to find the right people, keep them engaged, and manage their efforts as your ambassador community on a...

How Ambassadors Can Double Brand Engagement With Influence

More and more, brands are starting to see less bang for their buck with influencer marketing. Costs are rising, fake followers are getting harder to...


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