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Under The Influence: Influencer vs Ambassador Marketing

It's common for people to think of influencer and ambassador marketing as the very same thing but we're here to help you differentiate between the two.

In this whitepaper, we're unlocking all the secrets as to why brands need to understand and embrace these differences if they want their brands to generate the most revenue from these tactics.

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Influencers vs Ambassadors: Stop The Confusion

Influence has many faces and they go by many different names: bloggers, bloggers, social media mavens, advocates, ambassadors – the list goes on. Both influencers and ambassadors are brilliant ways for brands to reach a brand-new audience.

Influencer - An influencer is hired usually short-term for the value of their large audience, with the hope that they'll drive outcome and content related to a brand. 

Ambassador - A brand ambassador already loves the brand or product, and feels the need
to share it with their friends – which is great, since 92% of customers trust friends for recommendations.

However, brand ambassadors will actively use the products and will share the same values as both the brand and their target audience.

When they don’t feel a brand aligns with their values, they’ll choose not to associate with the brand and rather stay true to themselves and their values, like Natacha Océane did when she chose to stop her ambassadorship with

This form of marketing creates an authentic and honest relationship between the ambassador and their following. By tuning in to your own social media mentions and blog posts about your brand, you may find influencers and ambassadors you didn’t realise you had!