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Grow Your Brand Through Customer Loyalty and Long-Term Relationships

Fashion accessory brand IDEAL OF SWEDEN  had been hunting for a way to expand into new markets across Europe using ambassador marketing. Brandbassador's user-friendly platform allowed IDEAL OF SWEDEN to attract and build long-term relationships with ambassadors across the world and drive engagement and sales through in-platform marketing tasks.

  • Location: Norrköping, Sweden
  • Employees: 50-100
  • Industry: Consumer Goods
Jenny Hamrén-1
Jenny Hamrén
Brandbassador Specialist

Brandbassador has given us the opportunity to find a broader scope of organic ambassadors that match our brand’s vision.

  • 52,520
  • 878.88m
    Social Media
  • $2.95m
    Social Buzz
Group 745

Business Challenge

When IDEAL OF SWEDEN joined Brandbassador over four years ago, they were looking for a way to expand into new markets and work long-term with ambassadors all over the world. But even before they started, they knew how complicated the logistics of having a large, global ambassador community could be.

They found Brandbassador as they were looking for a platform that could help them communicate effectively and efficiently with ambassadors across the globe while also tracking performance to ensure it was worth the effort and expense.

Group 746

Pain Points

  • Struggle breaking into new global markets
  • Difficulty coordinating communication efficiently with a large number of ambassadors
  • Tracking ambassador performance was complicated and time-consuming
  • Desire to keep ambassadors engaged long-term

Group 747

Customer Success

Since the founding of their ambassador community over 4 years ago, IDEAL OF SWEDEN have developed and positioned themselves in new markets through effectively managing a large ambassador program.

By utilising Brandbassador’s user-friendly ambassador segmentation feature, IDEAL OF SWEDEN was able to adopt customised strategies for different ambassadors based on their preferred criteria.

With an efficient method of communication and automated rewards system, their community has grown and many ambassadors have built a relationship with IDEAL OF SWEDEN, staying on with them for years. 

Group 748


With Brandbassador, IDEAL OF SWEDEN has managed the difficult task of keeping a large community of ambassadors engaged for the long haul. They’ve used our platform to expand their reach as a brand and have witnessed the power of long-term relationships with their ambassador community.

“We see loyalty as very important,” Brandbassador Specialist, Jenny, commented. “The ambassador community becomes familiar with our brand through their consistent engagement in the missions. This is very important as it allows us to gather a lot of knowledge about who our customers are.” 

Through innovative and exciting missions, a monthly newsletter, and clear guidelines, IDEAL OF SWEDEN has built a strong base of dedicated ambassadors who have helped them break into international markets and grow their brand. 

Q & A

What requirements do you look for in an ambassador?

800 followers or more, at least 1.5% engagement, appealing content, [and] a dynamic profile where they use more functions of each social media platform.

You've used Brandbassador for over 4 years - how do you consistently activate new ambassadors to your community?

Recruiting is the main way for us to activate new ambassadors. Also by giving new profiles a freebie when they start. Through our Instagram where we have swipe-up links where you can sign up. We do the same on our website and in the newsletter that we send out to customers. We also have Facebook posts. Recently, we did a recruitment video that was published on TikTok.

How do you continue to keep your ambassadors engaged on the platform 4 years on?

Through reactivation Missions like "we want you back" where we give ambassadors a freebie as a reward. We also send emails to profiles that have not been active in a while. We try to create new and exciting Missions for our ambassadors and have competitions now and then. Sometimes we change the reward for Missions and increase the commission. We have a monthly newsletter in which we highlight good content from our ambassadors to hopefully inspire others. Here we also include information about upcoming launches and campaigns.

What value do you see from building long-term relationships with your brand ambassadors?

We see loyalty as very important. Our ambassador community becomes familiar with our brand through consistent engagement in the Missions. This is very important as it allows us to gather a lot of knowledge about who our customers are.

How do you use your ambassadors to be your best salespeople and drive revenue for your business?

We try to provide clear guidance on how to complete a Mission and also make the communication exciting and fun. We want to create the feeling of a community by ensuring ambassadors trust us and know that they can rely on us too. In doing this, we hope that they will become more prone to engage with our brand. They also receive rewards by completing sales Missions which encourages them to create more sales.

Why do you think it's important that other eCommerce brands have an ambassador program and what advice would you give to them if they're just starting out?

If you want a more efficient way of growing your brand through influencer marketing we would highly recommend Brandbassador. Try to understand who your customers are and which people are willing to work with you. Try to find performing markets and focus on building your community there. Regarding the Missions, try to focus on quality instead of quantity and stay up to date with new trends.


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