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Working with platform pro’s to engage an entire continent

PopSockets is a phone accessory company that creates empowering, fun, and expressive products. Their mission is to become an eternal positivity machine that makes an increasingly positive impact on the health and happiness of the planet

  • Location: Europe
  • Employees: +200
  • Industry: Consumer Goods
PopSockets Case Study  David Waddington
David Waddington
Digital and Brand Manager UK

It’s very rare to find external teams who are as dedicated to our brand as we are ourselves. We’re proud to have Brandbassador as an extension of the PopSockets team.

  • 7000+
    Unique Posts
    A wealth of content
  • 5953
    brand ambassadors
  • 120M
    Total reach
    on social media
PopSockets UGC by brand ambassadors

The Challenge

PopSockets Europe wanted to reach an entire continent, comprising different cultures and languages with limited resources. They knew they couldn’t do it in-house so they partnered with Brandbassador's Managed Services Team to build an army of ambassadors that could help them achieve their marketing goals. 

Their aims were to grow their reach across Europe, get region-specific user-generated content (UGC) that resonated with audiences in different demographics and boost their sales across the continent. 


Pain Points

  • Trying to reach an entire continent with limited resources
  • A single tool to boost social reach, gather UGC, and reward affiliate sales
  • Gathering region-specific content that resonates with audiences at a local level
  • Trying to educate on products natively
  • The ability to create content for great product use cases
PopSockets UGC by brand ambassadors

Capitalising on content

PopSockets utilise their brand ambassador community, known as the #PopCollective, for more than just social reach and sales. They use content created by the #PopCollective as part of their Europe-wide marketing strategy, making their community an intrinsic part of their marketing campaigns. 

In just over 2 years, PopSockets Europe has accumulated a massive wealth of content from their ambassadors. They have over 7000 unique pieces of content from high resolution images, to Tiktok video and Instagram Reels that they can repost, share and use anywhere.

Digital and Brand Manager UK, David Waddington says that being able to use UGC freely on their own social media, website, and guerilla marketing campaigns is a game-changer. When ambassadors join the #PopCollective, they consent to repurpose their content, freeing up any hassles with image licensing.

PopSockets UGC by brand ambassadors

Piloted by brand catalysts

From day one, PopSockets Europe has worked with Managed Services to run the day-to-day fundamentals of their ambassador program. David says that relying on external resources frees up his time to think of the larger strategy and how their ambassador marketing program can integrate into wider campaign activity. 

More importantly, the Managed Services Team work alongside PopSockets to generate ideas for Missions and strategise new campaigns. They are results-driven in their ideation, strategy and implementation of PopSockets objectives. David adds, “Our ideas are 4x elevated by the Brandbassador team to ensure we achieve our goals.”

PopSockets UGC by brand ambassadors

Trusting in expertise

The Managed Services Team bring in their knowledge and understanding gained through encountering various situations from other brands over 15 years, both positive and negative, and use that knowledge to inform future actions and decision-making.

The expertise that the team brings is invaluable for PopSockets success. David trusts the team's understanding on what ambassadors are likely to engage with and which rewards are most suited to the respective task to ensure ambassadors engage with their Missions, and achieve their desired results.

PopSockets UGC by brand ambassadors

A holistic overview

“Having the team have an overview is something they do fantastically well.” Managed Services provides real-time data to ensure PopSockets are hitting their KPIs.

What’s most valuable for PopSockets is having the Managed Services Team's expertise and holistic overview of the platform guiding them to avoid future problems and identify potential opportunities that are very easy to miss.

“The team never rests on laurels, they’re always identifying new things we can try and making the most of new features on the platform.”

The Results

Managed Services has helped PopSockets Europe to capitalise on brand evangelists located in different target markets through content that resonates with audiences in that location and culture. They love the flexibility of being able to segment Missions for different target regions within the UK and Europe to achieve their KPI’s. 

The Managed Services Team are holistic about the results of the entire platform and always monitor the performance ensuring that the PopSockets team never drops the ball by being too focused on one facet of it.


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