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See how brands are breaking into new markets, growing engagement rates, and increasing revenue through the Brandbassador platform.


The Impact of UGC in PopSockets' Guerilla Marketing Campaign

When the original phone-grip brand PopSockets wanted to create social buzz through a guerilla marketing campaign, they turned to their community of brand ambassadors. With the help of our creator-management platform, their vision became a smashing success. 

“We have a fantastic support team in Brandbassador who help us in our approval process for content so I was confident that any videos would be of a high level of quality."

PopSockets Case Study  David Waddington
David Waddington
Digital and Brand Manager

Boosting Brand Awareness with Community-Led Growth

Through Brandbassador, NOOMA was finally able to achieve what they needed - a highly engaging, mutually beneficial relationship with their brand ambassadors. Their program continues growing, with ambassadors creating content that drives brand awareness and engagement. 

“Finding Brandbassador has been a great experience thus far because they’ve allowed us to create the highly engaging and mutually beneficial experience we’ve been after!"

Carlie Freeman
Carlie Freeman
Social Media & Community Manager
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Get More From Collaborations by Optimising Your Ambassador Program

From day one of launching their ambassador activation campaign through Brandbassador, Byrokko has seen a huge interest in their ambassador program. They have also experienced a bigger feeling of brand loyalty from their ambassadors by including them in the brand’s growth. In terms of investment value, Ana says that Byrokko has experienced “amazing ROI from the very beginning.”

“With Brandbassador we get so much more from our Ambassadors as well as they do, from us. We get them to engage, invite more friends, make noise about Byrokko all over TikTok, Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube, even Pinterest sometimes and that is HUGE.”

Ana Byrokko
Ana Laharnar
Ambassador & Social Media Manager

Build a Passionate Community to Create a Personal Bond with Consumers

With the help of Brandbassador, Onepiece has managed to overcome the challenges of easily scaling their community, personally connecting with their ambassadors and customers to improve their reach, and finding an effective way to grow during the pandemic. They now make use of Brandbassador's integrated platform which allows them to find creative solutions to any problems that may arise. 

“Brandbassdor has really thought of so many corner cases and potential issues that can arise when working with a large number of ambassadors.”

Thomas Adams Onepiece-1
Thomas Adams
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Grow Your Brand Through Customer Loyalty and Long-Term Relationships

With Brandbassador, IDEAL OF SWEDEN has managed the difficult task of keeping a large community of ambassadors engaged for the long haul. They’ve used our platform to expand their global reach as a brand and have witnessed the power of long-term relationships with their ambassador community. 

“​​Brandbassador provides a more automatized way of dividing ambassadors into different segments and adopting customized strategies for each segment.”

Jenny Hamrén-1
Jenny Hamrén
Influencer Marketing Specialist
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Diversify Content and Explode Organic Social Buzz with Ambassadors

With Brandbassador, Tru Earth has seen increased brand awareness through the assistance of their ambassadors who consistently showcase Tru Earth products on their social media platforms. They love the convenient access to new creative assets created by their own ambassador community that they can use in ads which ultimately drives down the acquisition cost. 

“Brandbassador gives stores an easy one-stop-shop so they can tackle a number of channels with one all-in-one system without needing a ton of extra hires.”

Ryan McKenzie
Ryan McKenzie
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Enhance Time Management Using Robust Ambassador Marketing Tools

Since joining Brandbassador in 2019, Casely has found that their ambassador’s engagement rates are significantly higher using the Missions on the Brandbassador app when compared to their previous system and their organic outreach has also improved.  They've also significantly cut-down on the time they spend managing their commmunity.

“ Our brand would not be the same without Brandbassador. "

Mark Stallings
Mark Stallings
Co Founder
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Advance Your Social Media Strategy with a Hassle-Free User Experience

Inkbox has found that with Brandbassador, the ease of managing ambassadors has significantly improved. They love ability to source engaging content, keeping their social media strategy in-motion with curated UGC that acts as social proof and provides a healthy asset library to be tested and leveraged by performance marketing.

“We were able to discover, interact with and source content from a larger range of ambassadors than we would’ve been able to manually off-platform. Brandbassador has really helped us automate finding and engaging with ambassadors."

Cindy Inkbox
Cindy Tran
Creator Marketing Lead
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Drive Sales to Larger Audiences with a Global Community of Ambassadors

When compared to their own in-house outreach, Brandbassador represents a more effective way for Safira to reach a large number of content creators, helping their team reduce the man-hours spent on tasks while easily tracking results in a straightforward manner. As a result, much less manual work is involved in their ambassador marketing.

Brandbassador makes it possible to work and communicate with ambassadors from different markets all over the world."

Group 1-2
Lisa Bergqvist
Social Commerce Coordinator
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Significantly Increase Engagement and Visibility with High-Quality UGC

With Brandbassador, CanvasChamp has seen a visible hike in their community. Their “social media reach has gone to 53.56 million, with a whopping 7% increase in Instagram itself." They've also seen a significant increase in their engagement and product reviews which has helped promote brand visibility. 

“Brandbassador has helped us solve one of the biggest challenges we, as a team, were facing, of creating engaging content and increasing engagement on our platforms."

Jainam Shah
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Decrease Manual Effort While Increasing Brand Awareness and Engagement

Brandbassador has helped the MY FAM POSTER team generate more UGC for their brand, making a big impact on the amount of content that they’re able to use for their own social media channel. They've seen a massive increase in the number of followers on their socials and are now able to collaborate and communicate with their ambassadors in a much easier streamlined manner while tracking which ambassadors perform well.

“You can collaborate with many ambassadors at the same time without too much effort which makes it much more scalable."

Johannes Sommer
Johannes Sommer

Grow Your Community to Elevate International Brand Awareness

After signing up to Brandbassador, The Kase has found that it’s been dramatically easier to manage their brand ambassadors in batches and track their performance. Their engagement level and sales have increased as a result of being represented across most of Europe while reducing the man-hours needed to manage and track their ambassador program.

“No matter how great your products are, you need an affiliate program like Brandbassador to push your brand outward to gain the exposure or reach your brand deserves to have. That's the value of this platform. "

Mask Group
Pauletta Tang
Product & Creative Director

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