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Elevating Brand Awareness with Micro Influencers on a Global Scale

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About Brand

The Kase never had an ambassador marketing strategy in place before signing up to Brandbassador, instead they managed their campaigns in house with a handful of influencers. They wanted to be able to expand their reach and create brand awareness outside of France to the rest of Europe. They were also looking for more authentic content but they needed the content to be produced in a more systematic way.

The Kase bridges the divide between Parisian fashion and dynamic technology by pairing innovation with top tier fashion to create quality products that customers simply can’t put down. They provide a platform for fashionistas to celebrate their uniqueness and creativity through their catalogue of #IAmUNIK customisable products as well as engineered techie, protective, mobile accessories upon customer request. Their audience are tech at heart whilst being aware of how mobile accessories are an opportunity to showcase their unique style.

  • Name
    The Kase
  • Location
    Levallois-Perret, France
  • Employees
    250 employees
  • 38K
    Social Media
  • 24.41
    Direct Reach
  • $16,848
    In Revenue
    With 418 Sales

Business Challenge

The Kase did not have any affiliate marketing program in place before signing up with Brandbassador, they only worked with a couple of individual influencers for content creation. They wanted a platform where they would be able to grow the brand and build brand awareness outside of France, and to most of Europe but they lacked the channels to be able to do this in house. 

They also wanted to grow their customer base and drive sales by gathering a pool of ambassadors who could speak for their brand instead of going to expensive agencies. Lastly they wanted to drive user generated content (UGC), but in a systematic way.

Customer Success

Since starting to use Brandbassador, The Kases’ team speak highly of the platform. They find that it is easy to manage especially, given the massive amount of people that have applied to be their brand ambassadors. They find that training team members to use the platform is best done with a step by step approach. After only 4 months after signing up to our ambassador marketing platform, they are already working with around 2000 ambassadors and are experiencing a good reach within Europe which is their main target area.

Pauletta finds that with Brandbassador, it’s very systematic and easy to manage the ambassador application approvals and mission approvals, compared to when they had to do it manually one by one with the previous system. They love that their brand being represented on the Brandbassador app allows all brand ambassadors on the platform to get to know who they are especially since they are not well known outside of France or French speaking regions.

The app is also a great way for ambassadors to join their #UNIK_CLUB. The Kase UNIK Club is a community individuals who embrace their individuality and express it through their fashion, lifestyle and especially their smartphone cases by using hashtags like #IAmUNIK and #UNIK_CLUB on social media.

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COVID-19 Challenges

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, all of The Kase retail outlets had to close and they had to rely solely on their webshop, and sales via ambassadors. They were still able to continue their usual collaborations with partners and content creators but their delivery time to send the freebies to ambassadors was a lot longer than usual. 

COVID-19 Outcomes

During the stay-home period The Kase planned specific missions and campaigns for their UNIK ambassador community on Brandbassador including: 

  • They created discount new codes
  • Ambassadors could try anything from The Kase at 70% off
  • Ambassadors could earn points for following The Kase on Pinterest
  • They could get a free Kase for featuring it in an Instagram post
  • Ambassadors could earn points for signing up to their newsletter

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After signing up to Brandbassador, The Kase have found that it’s been dramatically easier to manage their brand ambassadors in batches and be able to track their performance and how well they can drive sales. Their engagement level has increased as a result of being represented across most of Europe, having received applications via the app.

From an operational perspective, Brandbassador has helped to reduce the man-hours the team had to spend on managing and tracking your ambassador program.

The main commercial outcomes that Brandbassador has brought to the business are brand awareness and extra sales have been driven where previously they used to rely solely on their website and offline shops.

In 6 months, The Kase want to be able to grow their network of brand ambassadors who can create quality content for their brand. They also want to significantly increase their follower base and explore other European markets that are not limited to French-speaking regions. We have no doubt that with the help of our dedicated customer success team - The Kase will achieve all that and more.

Mask Group
Pauletta Tang
Product & Creative Director
No matter how great your products are, you need an affiliate program like Brandbassador to push your brand outward to gain the exposure or reach your brand deserves to have. That's the value of this platform.

Q & A

ambassador marketing resources Resource
How do you think brands will navigate in a world in the wake of Covid-19 and how do you think this will impact or benefit collaborations?

I think they will focus a lot more on e-commerce and slowly move away from offline shops as they are heavily impacted by actual foot traffic, the lockdown period is a very good example of how physical outlet stores can drain a business financial resources. We will have to largely rely on ambassadors to speak for our brand in order to increase the brand awareness and to indirectly drive sales.

What are your top Do’s and Don'ts for brands still dealing with Covid-19 related challenges?


  • Continue to engage with ambassadors even though you cannot organise as many freebie missions
  • Create missions which are related to COVID eg.‘’STAY HOME WITH THE KASE’’


  • Stop asking your ambassadors to create discount codes as that was our second channels to drive sales

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