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Significantly Increase Engagement and Visibility with High-Quality UGC

Custom photo gift brand CanvasChamp was unsatisfied with their levels of engagement on social media. Creating engaging content and collecting user-generated content was a major hurdle to brand growth. Brandbassador allowed CanvasChamp to better incentivise user-generated content and produced a generous hike in their online engagement and community.

  • Location: Georgia
  • Employees: 150+
  • Industry: Consumer Goods
Jainam Shah

After using Brandbassador, we have seen a significant increase in our engagement and product reviews which have helped us promote brand visibility.

  • 4311
    New Ambassadors
  • 573k
    Social Media
  • 53.56m
    Direct Reach

Business Challenge

One of the biggest challenges that CanvasChamp were facing before joining Brandbassador was creating engaging content for their community and increasing engagement on their social platforms. They needed a centralised tool that could help them increase social buzz and get better quality UGC (user-generated content) from their community. 


Pain Points

  • Creating engaging and visually-appealing content 
  • Unsatisfactory levels of engagement on social media
  • No centralised tool to communicate with ambassadors
  • Difficulty tracking ambassador data and sales


Customer Success

One of the many things that CanvasChamp loves about the platform is “how easy it is to track every like, every comment, every sale, every follower”. Because of that, they feel confident enough to dive deeper into the insights and the social buzz value that Brandbassador helps them to create. 

They have seen a visible hike in their community since they started using the platform. Their “social media reach has gone to 53.56 million, with a whopping 7% increase in Instagram itself.”



After using Brandbassador, CanvasChamp has seen a significant increase in their engagement and product reviews which have helped them to promote brand visibility. The platform has helped the team to centralise their communication with ambassadors and influencers.

They love all the Mission templates on the platform, especially the holiday-themed Missions, they describe as trending and on point. Through Brandbassdor’s platform, CanvasChamp ambassadors are now developing all their content for them allowing the brand to focus their creative efforts elsewhere.

Q & A

What requirements do you look for in an ambassador?

We usually tend to review the number of followers the ambassador in question has and the rate of engagement they maintain on Social Media Platforms, especially on Instagram.

How do you go about selecting and recruiting the right ambassadors to represent your brand and your product?

We don’t put a lot of filters when selecting the exemplary ambassadors because when dealing with products that help people preserve memories with their loved ones, we believe that every customer is the ideal ambassador.

How do you use your ambassadors to be your best salespeople and drive revenue for your business?

Brandbassador offers a broad spectrum of sales Missions that we tend to use in our favour for driving in more sales.

Do you have any tips for other brands on how to select the perfect ambassador?

We believe that the ideal ambassador for the brand should be the kind that speaks for the brand without the words because, in this day and age, people tend to scroll through Instagram mindlessly. Hence grabbing attention can be pretty challenging.

What's been one of your favourite Missions that you've created on Brandbassador's platform?

We love all the Mission templates on the platform, but if we had to choose one, we’d pick the holiday-themed Missions, they are trending, on point, and the ambassadors can connect well with the brand, emotionally so.

What advice would you give to other brands who are trying to grow their community?

We’d suggest they keep the engagement with their ambassadors alive, create more Missions every week, and make the best use of the trending Missions on the platform.

Why do you think it's important that other eCommerce brands have an ambassador program and what advice would you give to them if they're just starting out?

Since it is essential for you, as a marketer, to connect with your customers for them to believe in your product and make the purchase, the first thing you do is create the trust factor. That’s where the ambassador program comes into the picture, and that’s where you let your ambassadors do the talking for you.


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