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Build a Passionate Community to Create a Personal Bond with Consumers

Adult leisurewear brand Onepiece faced significant barriers to building personal connections with their ambassador community and wasting time trying to keep on top of manual processes. Brandbassador solved these challenges, giving Onepiece the opportunity to scale their ambassador marketing program and thrive during a period of economic uncertainty. 

  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Employees: 20
  • Industry: Consumer Goods
Thomas Adams Onepiece-2
Thomas Adams
People believe in people. It’s more authentic when a customer brags about our products and says how much they love it than if we brag about the products and how much we love them ourselves.
  • 5381
    Brand Ambassadors
  • 2.82m
    Social Media
  • $4m
    In Revenue
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Business Challenge

Since Onepiece's inception, they’ve understood the value of working with people who are passionate about their brand and products, but prior to signing up with Brandbassador, the brand made use of a very manual system of emails and online spreadsheets. This meant that they spent a big chunk of their time trying to manage their community with little success. 

Their goal was to engage with their ambassadors on a one-to-one level because this is one of the brand’s cornerstone beliefs. They also wanted to be able to reach out to influencers, customers and social media followers in a meaningful way.

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Pain Points

  • Manual system to recruit & keep track of ambassadors
  • Time wasted without effective software to automate the process
  • Difficulty connecting with ambassadors on a personal level 
  • Lack of tools to communicate with ambassadors at scale
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Customer Success

Since 2017, the team at Onepiece has found Brandbassador’s platform very intuitive to use while also offering advanced features that solve any issues in an elegant way. 

The brand has scaled up their ambassador marketing program with Brandbassador and as a result, they’re enjoying a higher engagement rate on social media posts, receiving more UGC and their community has become more involved with the brand. 

Thanks to the higher engagement rate due to the successful ambassador marketing program, the brand has noticed that Instagram algorithms allow more content impressions on their follower’s and potential customers' feeds. 

Despite the uncertainties of trying to run a business during a global pandemic, making use of Brandbassador has actually allowed the brand’s sales to grow. For Onepiece, this time has been quite successful as they’ve noticed their ambassadors are becoming more active, and that new customers are enjoying their product while they’re stuck at home during lockdown.

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With the help of Brandbassador, Onepiece has managed to overcome all of their previous challenges. They now make use of one integrated platform that allows them to find creative solutions to any problems that may arise. 

Brandbassador also provides the brand with an automated system to keep track of all of their ambassadors and the missions they complete, while allowing the brand to connect with their ambassadors on a personal level. 

The platform also provides a space for the brand to communicate with ambassadors at scale.

Onepiece has been using the solution since 2017, and firmly believes that all fashion brands should make use of ambassador marketing to build a personal bond with their audience. 

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Q & A

Do you have any tips for other eCommerce brands on how to select the perfect ambassador?

We always check their social accounts to make sure they match our brand guidelines. We also ask them to write a bit about why they want to become an ambassador for us. When we see that they put passion into this application, it shows us that they are dedicated to being an ambassador for our brand.

Why do you think ambassador marketing is the most effective form of marketing for apparel brands like yours?

People believe in people. It’s more authentic when a customer brags about our products and says how much they love it than if we brag about the products and how much we love them ourselves.

What trends do you expect to see in social media communities in 2021 with a particular focus on your niche, fashion?

I think we will see more and more brands understanding the value of building a brand community around their fans. Right now brands are just communicating with their customers through newsletters and Instagram posts, here they only can like and comment. Creating a more rich ambassador ecosystem builds brand loyalty and ultimately drives sales.

How has Onepiece managed to get celebrities like Julia Roberts to wear its clothes?

A lot of stylists contact us to get products for their clients. I think our jumpsuits fit their lifestyle pretty well, perfect for between shoots or filming, travelling, on the plane, on the bus, you name it.

Why do you think it's important that other online stores have an ambassador program and what advice would you give to them if they're just starting out?

Everyone should build a brand community, this is the future of eCommerce.We all know that people impact what we buy and the future of online shopping is more social shopping experiences.


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