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Enhancing Your Ambassador Marketing Efforts with Robust Software Tools

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About Brand

Casely was managing an affiliate program in house but nothing was under one umbrella. Social media, affiliate programmes and ambassadors were managed in a fragmented way by different tools and people. The results were not as they hoped given the amount of time they were committing to it. They wanted a tool that would allow them to perform all of their ambassador marketing activities under one roof.

Casely is an online tech-accessories retailer that creates cute & protective phone cases in a range of curated designs to fit their customers personal style. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, they serve a global community of fashion conscious females. Cases can be bought as once off purchases or through their subscription service where they send trendy new products every month.

  • Name
  • Location
    New York City, USA
  • Employees
    5 in house employees
    45 warehouse workers
  • 658k
    Social Media
  • 224
    Direct Reach
  • $82,619.97
    In Revenue
    With 2851 Sales

Business Challenge

Casely was spending too much time manually reaching out to ambassadors on Instagram to invite them to participate in their loyalty program. Two dedicated staff members were committing at least 5 hours a day to coordinate their ambassador program and they were not seeing the desired results given the sheer amount of time they were investing in ambassador marketing. They were looking for a few key objectives when searching for a solution where they could build and maintain their growing Casely community.

Pain Points

  • To automate their invitation process to a mostly female audience aged between 18 and 34
  • The ability to reach out to a global base of ambassadors with no location restraints
  • A one-stop shop where they could work with their most loyal customers, followers & fans and have them create value for Casely
  • The functionality to roll out a one-to-many communication/engagement strategy with their Ambassadors and therefore dramatically reducing resources required on their side
  • To grow engagement on their main platform - Instagram
  • To generate authentic social buzz and revenue from the people who know and love their brand the best
  • To make managing the Casely Ambassador community low effort with the highest possible return

Customer Success

Through our hands-on, premium onboarding program we have dedicated a number of team members to help Casely understand and clarify the outcomes they need to see in order to deem the partnership with Brandbassador a success. Early on we helped them define their objectives and identify an ambassador program strategy that would work for their size, nature of the business and target market.

As with every client, the Customer Success team provided a walk through of the features that would provide them with the shortest route to value, encouraging a thought process around their engagement strategy and how it should be communicated to ambassadors via the program. Our Customer Success team are experts in social media and ambassador marketing so are able to provide detailed examples of how to recruit and build a high performing community from your brand advocates.

Unlike self serving platforms, the Brandbassador Customer Success team has built internal KPIs that tie their own career success with the success of a brand’s performance, therefore they are always extremely motivated to curate a successful Ambassador marketing strategy that helps the brand achieve their desired outcomes. With an ambitious product team, the platform is constantly evolving with the most effective features being added on a weekly basis to help the brand boost sales, engagement and performance.

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Since joining Brandbassador in 2019, Casely has found that through missions on our app, their ambassador’s engagement rates are significantly higher when compared to their previous system and their organic outreach has also improved. They are able to drive sales through links and discount codes with transparent and real-time tracking.

Together with one of our dedicated Customer Success Managers, Casely has managed to build a fun, engaging community for their customers, followers and fans. They have also been taught how to use the Brandbassador platform to seamlessly activate Casely brand advocates, reduce the time spent managing their community and to generate the highest return which allows them to focus on other aspects of their business. Their one-to-many strategy has naturally resulted in time savings as they no longer have to spend time manually communicating with their audience, now everything is centralised and automated.

They love how everything is now under one roof which decreases the time spent on tracking and reporting their communities performance. In addition, they enjoy how quick and easy it is to train new employees to use the system. Our Customer Success team continues to work closely with Casely to ensure they are seeing the results they need to achieve in order to deem the partnership a success. Their positive ROI plus continuous strategizing and education throughout their entire journey has meant the partnership continues to go from strength to strength.

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Mark Stallings
Mark Stallings
Our brand would not be the same without Brandbassador

Q & A

ambassador marketing resources Resource
How many ambassadors have you recruited to date via Brandbassador?


Did you find BB helped Casely to scale its ambassador programme to the next level in terms of scope & reach?

The biggest impact is the [1] engagement (i.e. the ambassador’s engagement with the app), usually after we post a mission, within a minute or 2, we receive immediate engagement from hundreds  of the ambassadors. Before, we would do a series of email blasts and manual reach out and hope people would see and respond to our messages. [2] Another thing is the social buzz generated through Brandbassador has really helped us to improve the brand authority, which leads to [3] the most important impact - that we are getting a much higher conversion rate now - previously we were getting a 0.5% conversion rate, now it is over a 4% conversion rate.

From an operational perspective, would you say BB has helped to reduce the man-hours the team had to spend on recruiting,managing and tracking your ambassador program?

We used to spend 4-5 hours a day trying to recruit & manage influencers and ambassadors, and now we spend about 45 mins a day, as the programme is mostly automated, everything is under one place and it runs by itself.


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