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Temporary tattoo brand Inkbox's marketing strategy relied heavily on community-led growth. But they were struggling to optimise the collection of user-generated content, making it difficult to grow their brand community. With Brandbassador, Inkbox can now source content from a larger range of brand ambassadors than ever before, growing their community to new heights. 

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Employees: 127
  • Industry: Consumer Goods
Cindy Inkbox
Cindy Tran
Creator Marketing Lead
If you’re looking for a way to grow and foster your community in an engaging, efficient and streamlined manner - Brandbassador is the tool for you.
  • 1.56m
    Social Media
  • 328.51m
    Direct Reach
  • $817.75k
    In Revenue
    With 21.76k Sales
Group 516

Business Challenge

Inkbox had a social media strategy in place that relied heavily on showcasing their community wearing their product. While that is still part of their strategy today, they wanted to be able to grow their community and make their workflow more efficient when it came to sourcing UGC to repurpose on their ever-growing social channels. 

They also wanted to be able to source specific forms and styles of content depending on the goals of their evolving social media strategy. They were looking for an ambassador marketing solution that allowed them to interact with and source content from a larger range of ambassadors than what they would’ve been able to handle themselves in-house and through manual processes.

Group 657

Pain Points

  • To grow the Inkbox community 
  • To make their workflow more efficient when sourcing UGC to repurpose on their growing social channels
  • Efficiency in handling of multiple ambassador marketing campaigns
  • The ability to source specific forms and styles of content depending on social media strategy and goals
  • Being able to maximise the bandwidth of their team to a much larger ratio of brand ambassadors through automated processes
  • To interact with and source content from a larger range of ambassadors
Group 656

Customer Success

Inkbox finds that the user interface design of Brandbassadors platform is laid out in an easy to navigate way, making their user experience intuitive and hassle-free. The brand loves that there are plenty of resources provided for support when they’ve been unsure about something on the platform. When new members join their team it’s always a very smooth process to onboard the new member onto Brandbassador. 

One of the top 3 features that Inkbox loves the most about Brandbassador’s platform is the efficiency in being able to handle multiple ambassador missions. One of their other favourite aspects is their Customer Success Representative who’s a reliable source of support in helping to guide the brand and provide insight into how to best implement their ideas, as well as curate new ideas to ensure they’re using the platform in the best possible manner. 

Through Brandbassador, Inkbox was able to discover, interact with and source content from a larger range of ambassadors than what they would’ve been able to manually, off-platform. The platform has helped the team to automate finding and engaging with new and existing ambassadors.

Group 655


Inkbox has been using Brandbassador for just over 2 years now. Since signing up, they have found that the ease of managing ambassadors has significantly improved as all communication and processes are now central as opposed to doing it all manually, off-platform through email and numerous Google sheets. 

One of the main commercial outcomes that Brandbassador has brought to Inkbox is the ability to source engaging content, keeping their social media strategy in-motion with curated UGC that acts as social proof and provides a healthy asset library to be tested and leveraged by performance marketing.

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Q & A

Inkbox have an impressive reach on TikTok. If another brand was reading this, what would you suggest they do to get to the same level as Inkbox on TikTok?

Have fun with it! Test new creative concepts and see what sticks. Get your community involved and try to move quickly with activating on any trends before it’s on to the next.

How have you used your ambassadors to build your brand’s presence on TikTok?

We rely on gifting products to ambassadors in exchange for content to repurpose on our TikTok!

It’s a great way to showcase our community by highlighting how or why they use our product and also helps us remain active on the platform by maintaining a healthy cadence of posting.

What are the benefits and challenges of TikTok collaborations?

TikTok collaborations are really fun to get into as you get to see the more creative side of ambassadors. Although we have concept guidelines and general requirements for the content, each ambassador kind of interprets and shoots their content in their own specific style. You truly get to see content creators at their core and how each are uniquely themselves!

A challenge would be properly communicating the overall concept or theme of the content you’re expecting or looking for - it’s good to link out to existing TikToks using your product that are very similar to the concept you’re pitching to provide inspiration and a clearer picture.

How do you handle collaborations on TikTok versus the more established platforms like Instagram?

We’ve handled them essentially the same, the only thing that differs are the more detailed instructions for the TikTok collaborations as there needs to be a bit more of a storyline for a 15-60 sec video vs. a static image.

Where do you want Inkbox to be in 6 months on TikTok?

In 6 months we’d love for Inkbox to be continuing to grow our following and presence on TikTok, and further broadening the types of content we receive from our ambassadors. We’d like to lean more into story-telling pieces to share and foster more of that community feel we have on Instagram.


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