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Boosting Brand Awareness with Community-Led Growth

Organic sports drink brand NOOMA knew that community-led growth was the key to their success, but struggled to unite their customers and fans. Brandbassador gave NOOMA the tools, resources and platform needed to build relationships with their consumers and elevate their engagement, collect user-generated content, and build up social buzz.  

  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Employees: 10
  • Industry: Consumer Goods
Carlie Freeman-1
Carlie Freeman
Social Media & Community Manager

Brandbassador is an amazing company to partner with! They have an excellent onboarding program, superb customer support team and an awesome tech support team!

  • 266
    Brand Ambassadors
  • 2.44m
    on social media
  • $6650.42
    Revenue Generated
    under 3 months
Group 750

Business Challenge

NOOMA realised from the outset that the quickest and best way to acquire new customers was through community-led growth created by quality user-generated content and social buzz. Therefore, they set out to create a community of brand ambassadors - their Sweat Squad - who shared their values and were passionate about creating brand awareness through fun, educational content. 

They wanted to curate an environment that was fun, upbeat, and engaging - as well as full of value for their ambassadors. NOOMA wanted to promote quality and reward high-performing brand ambassadors for their work through higher levels of partnership over time, allowing top ambassadors exclusive rewards and opportunities. 

The Sweat Squad started through a Facebook group with manual tracking through Excel sheets and Google Docs, with the primary role of ambassadors being to hand out NOOMA drinks at fitness events. The strategy worked for a time but was hard for NOOMA to maintain. It was primarily beneficial for the ambassadors, not the brand. With NOOMA seeing very little ROI, it wasn’t a cost-effective method.

Group 751

Pain Points

  • Original ambassador program with manual tracking was difficult to maintain and wasn’t cost-effective, with little ROI. 
  • Tried other management platforms - Refersion and Aspire IQ - but needs were still unmet.
  • Difficulty creating a relationship between NOOMA that benefited both their ambassadors and the brand. 
Group 752

Customer Success

Through Brandbassador, NOOMA was finally able to achieve what they needed - a highly engaging, mutually beneficial relationship with their brand ambassadors. Their ambassador marketing program launched on January 20, 2022, and by the end of their first month, they had nearly 200 ambassadors join. Their program continues growing, with ambassadors creating content that drives brand awareness and engagement. 

NOOMA is currently experimenting with exclusive marketing tasks for ambassadors who are leaders in the fitness space. Ambassadors who are highly engaged, as well as have a role such as fitness instructors, gym owners, or fitness experts are equipped with NOOMA freebie codes to pass out at events. 

Any purchases made with a freebie code rewards the ambassador with a commission. Through this method, NOOMA has seen their customer acquisition cost drop in comparison to paid online ads. 

Group 753


NOOMA’s main focus for their ambassador marketing program is engagement, education, and awareness -  not sales. However, through the relationships NOOMA has built with their ambassadors, sales and lower CAC have been a natural result.  

Since driving sales is not their main goal, NOOMA wanted to achieve and maintain an ROI of at least 100%. They have reached 100% at their highest point in their first three months with Brandbassador, and are working with their Customer Success Manager to plan some missions that will continue to boost their ROI to meet this goal. 

NOOMA is excited to continue providing higher levels of partnership with their top-performing ambassadors, and are confident that Brandbassador has allowed them to create the environment in which community-led growth is possible. 

Q & A

What community vibe do you try to create for the Sweat Squad?

Fun, upbeat, engaging, educational & full of value for our ambassadors

For someone not familiar with the platform, how would you describe what a Mission is?

A Mission is a simple task that ambassadors complete, usually involving posting on social media, in exchange for some awesome incentives.

Tell us a bit more about your favourite sales Mission on Brandbassador? What did it entail and how many sales did you make?

We haven’t had a ton of sales Missions to date - there will be more coming in the month of April to elevate our ROI - but I think the current sales chain Mission where ambassadors are encouraged to make $25, $50 & $100 in revenue is probably my favourite. This has given us a good idea of who are our natural sales drivers and it allows us to create a segmentation strategy.

How do you use your ambassadors to be your best salespeople and drive revenue for your business?

Since sales isn’t our primary focus, our ambassadors primarily drive sales at will and through occasional Instagram Story Missions where they are prompted to share their codes. However, we have started trying out a new idea with a few outstanding ambassadors that are “leaders” in their fitness spaces - meaning they have shown engagement through Brandbassador but also are fitness instructors, gym owners or experts in the fitness industry. 

In this new strategy, we allow them to bring some cases of NOOMA to a fitness event and are equipped with a predetermined amount of freebie codes to pass out to event participants. For every freebie redemption they get, they will receive a $5 commission. In doing so, we’ve seen the cost of acquiring new customers be less expensive than our CAC in paid advertising online. We know that once people try our product, especially if it's free, they will become returning, paying customers. 

Could you tell us about the impact the Customer Success team at Brandbassador has had on the success of your ambassador program?

Everyone we have worked with thus far from George to Hercules, to Will our CSM, and to Janey on the tech team has been fabulous. We have felt supported and celebrated every step of the way. Will is incredibly creative and great at coming up with Mission ideas! He’s also been so intentional in always finding solutions and answers to our questions and problems even if it takes him a few days or weeks to seek them out. 

If you were telling a friend/fellow entrepreneur about the impact Brandbassor’s platform has had on your business and why they should sign up too, what would you say?

Brandbassador is an amazing company to partner with! They have an excellent onboarding program, superb customer support team, and an awesome tech support team! They are very dedicated to their clients’ success and are overall a fun company to work with!


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