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Diversify Content and Explode Organic Social Buzz with Ambassadors

With a focus on brand awareness rather than sales, eco-friendly laundry company TruEarth wanted to amp up social buzz and brand engagement. Through Brandbassador, TruEarth achieved this while collecting user-generated content and lowering their customer acquisition costs. They now reach new customers more effectively and authentically than with paid ads.

  • Location: Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada
  • Employees: 230+
  • Industry: Consumer Goods
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Ryan McKenzie
Brandbassador has always given input and suggestions to potential outreach and spaces Tru Earth could explore to increase our own ambassadors through innovative ideas.
  • 1381
    Brand Ambassadors
  • 198,722
    Social Media
  • $17.82k
    Social Buzz Value
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Business Challenge

Tru Earth was looking for an ambassador marketing tool that they could utilise specifically for their community of micro-influencers as they have separate affiliate and influencer programs. They wanted a platform that they could use to purely boost social buzz and engagement. When scouting out Brandbassador they loved the idea of being able to create focused missions that they could use to direct their ambassadors to do very specific things.

Tru Earth is unique in that they use Brandbassador purely to boost social buzz and engagement meaning that they don't use any of the revenue-generating features on the platform. In addition to social buzz and engagement, they also wanted a tool where they could get content from their community.

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Pain Points

  • Extended hours spent communicating with their ambassadors
  • Hard to get specific content for their niche
  • Challenge to get the word out on causes and ideas they stand for
  • Slow growth of their ambassador program

Demo and pricing
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Customer Success

“Brandbassador has helped share Tru Earth by having Tru Earth's ambassador program visible to non-ambassadors, encouraging unfamiliar faces to check out our platform and try our products through freebie missions. Brandbassador has always given input and suggestions to potential outreach and spaces Tru Earth could explore to increase their own ambassadors through innovative ideas.” 

Through our all-in-one tool, Tru Earth has saved time communicating with their ambassadors and directing them to get specific content and have specific ideas promoted. The team loves how easy it is to communicate to their brand ambassadors from one central place without having to reach out to each person on different platforms.

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Tru Earth has seen increased brand awareness through the assistance of their ambassadors who consistently showcase Tru Earth products on their social media platforms. Most of all they love the convenient access to new creative assets created by their own ambassador community that they can use in ads which ultimately drives down the acquisition cost. They repurpose their ambassador content (UGC) on social media and Facebook ads. 

The amount of social buzz they are generating means Tru Earth is getting organic content and brand awareness across socials from real-life customers. It’s a more authentic way of reaching more customers when compared to paid ads.

As a result of activating and engaging their ambassador community through Brandbassador Tru Earth is able to attract an average of 50 new ambassadors per month and continue to grow steadily as a result.

Q & A

What requirements do you look for in an ambassador?

We look for consistency in content and posting schedules. We look for people who are active on our preferred platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. We personally look for people over the age of 18 as we sell laundry products. We look for people that post lifestyle content to ensure any freebie missions flow naturally with their organic content.

How do you go about selecting and recruiting the right ambassadors to represent your brand and your product?

We encourage our Influencer's and affiliates to join the platform, alongside reaching out to our own customer base to join the platform. We have a link on our website to join the platform also. We're looking to send out an email and do some social media posts to encourage more people to join the platform.

What type of ambassadors does Tru Earth work with and why?

A lot of our ambassadors are micro-influencers. Part of this reasoning is because we do not use the revenue features of the platform and those with larger followings tend to want the cash-payouts that we do not offer. We can get far more micro-influencers engaging with our freebie missions. There are perks to this as there is more trust and loyalty with micro-influencers and their audience, leading people to trust that they genuinely love the product. We often focus on Instagram followings as our ambassador base seems to take a keen liking to Instagram missions (compared to other social media platform missions) and Instagram missions have the highest engagement for us. That being said, we try to ensure that there is a strong following for Instagram.

Do you have any tips for other brands on how to select the perfect ambassador?

It is important that their brand is aligned. Also, looking for ambassadors that are primarily content focused and not too heavily involved in exclusively promoting products. The more somebody promotes products, the less likely their audience is to pay attention.

What's been one of your favourite missions that you've created on our platform?

Tru Earth's recent giveaway mission on Instagram has been going really well. Many people have been eager to participate and share Tru Earth's Fresh Linen Platinum detergent with their audience. We've got a lot of traction and engagement with the mission and a lot of great content and imagery has come out of it, alongside brand awareness.

What advice would you give to other brands who are trying to grow their community?

Pay attention to your ambassadors and what missions they respond to. Ask for their feedback. A lot of them will be eager to share their thoughts. From there you can cater your missions to fit your ambassadors’ needs which will lead to the longevity of the involvement of the influencer and their enjoyment of the platform. Secondly, use your current ambassadors to gain new ones through missions that encourage them to invite their friends.

As a brand with eco-consciousness close to its heart, do you use your ambassador community for social/environmental advocacy and if so, would you be able to give an example?

Yes, we do. At times, our missions will focus on sharing environmental facts about the environment or getting involved in our challenge group that focuses on making small changes for the betterment of society and the environment. One example of a mission that we did is a "straight facts story" where we got ambassadors to create an Instagram story series where they tagged our brand and shared a favourite environmental fact, alongside a tip on how to help combat your impact on the environment.

Why do you think it's important that other eCommerce brands have an ambassador program and what advice would you give to them if they're just starting out?

As a brand, you want to have a diverse number of channels driving engagement and sales. The challenge is doing so without having your time spread too thin, and not being able to do well at any one thing. Brandbassador gives stores an easy one-stop-shop so they can tackle a number of channels with one all-in-one system without needing a ton of extra hires.


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