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Get More From Collaborations by Optimising Your Ambassador Program

After struggling with short-term influencer collaborations that didn't build customer loyalty, and frustrations with trying to communicate with influencers, track metrics, and collect UGC all with separate tools, skincare brand Byrokko found that Brandbassador kept everything in one place. Their now thriving community has given them an amazing ROI since the program's start.

  • Location: Slovenia
  • Employees: 20+
  • Industry: Consumer Goods
Ana Byrokko
Ana Laharnar
Ambassador & Social Media Manager

Brandbassador is an amazing platform and everyone who's not using it yet and wants to build an ambassador program - should!

  • 573k
    Social Media
  • 36.82m
    Direct Reach
  • $49.94k
    In Revenue
Byrokko 3

Business Challenge

Byrokko never had an ambassador program before joining Brandbassador, instead, they collaborated with big influencers once or twice to target their audience, which is made up by 85% of women aged between 20 and 35. They were looking for a tool that would allow them to get more from their collaborations whilst building customer loyalty and commitment.

Byrokko 1

Pain Points

  • Extended hours spent coordinating all the elements that make up an ambassador program 
  • Friction with having to use multiple tools to communicate, track and gather UGC (user-generated content) 
  • Short-term collaborations with influencers that didn’t build customer loyalty 

Byrokko 5

Customer Success

From day one of launching their ambassador activation campaign, Byrokko has seen a huge interest in their ambassador program. They have also experienced a bigger feeling for brand loyalty by their ambassadors and their inclusion in the brand’s growth. In terms of investment value, Ana says that Byrokko has experienced “amazing ROI from the very beginning.”

Byrokko 4-2


While Byrokko is still learning about all the functionality that our ambassador marketing platform has to offer, they have already experienced time savings, commenting that, “it takes much less time to communicate with ambassadors on sending packages, tracking their process, content approval etc.”

Q & A

How do you go about selecting and recruiting the right ambassadors to represent your brand and your product?

We try to give everyone a chance but we are still a bit picky. We do not want those who take every given opportunity to just promote everything that comes their way - so we mostly reject those who only promote ''things'' with no given value or any commitment. Content skills come second, countries we need more exposure in come third.

How do you use your ambassadors to be your best salespeople and drive revenue for your business?

We try to put this on a side focus and do more with them content-wise and engagement-wise. However, this is of big interest to our CEO so we try to make the most creative missions for driving revenue as well and always look for ways to be more creative.

Do you have any tips for other brands on how to select the perfect ambassador?

Try to look for those who would be a perfect fit for your brand only and those who are really interested in your brand and not just the free product. Don't just choose every ambassador which applies but those who you believe would be a great ambassador for what you offer.

How has your community developed whilst using Brandbassador given that your priority has been building a community that represents your brand values and philosophy?

Ambassadors are very much included in everything we do with not only posting photos/videos for us, but also commenting on our new posts, liking them, following us, sharing our new products, posts, story creating. It's literally every single thing.

What advice would you give to other beauty brands who are trying to grow their community?

Trust in Brandbassador, study it hard - because once you get to know it, you get to know all of its perks. I would know this even more if I had more time to play with it. But really - take time with it and use it in full because it is worth it.


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