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Build Your Brand’s Community with an Ambassador Persona

Your brand ambassadors represent your company to the world. Creating an ambassador persona helps you find the right people for the job.


  • What an ambassador persona is
  • Why it’s crucial to your ambassador marketing strategy
  • How to create an effective persona

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How do you find the perfect person for a job?

You start by outlining what qualities that perfect person has.

When you’re building your ambassador marketing community, you may get caught up in the excitement and neglect a very important step - outlining your ideal ambassador. Your community of customers, followers, and fans are where your ideal ambassadors will come from, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in that community is a good choice to represent your brand. Sure, you could take just about anyone who applies to your program, but that runs you the risk of lowering your ROI.

When you invest in your ambassadors you want to make sure you’re investing in those who are best suited to represent your brand. The wrong person may put in a lot of effort but still attract the wrong audience and struggle to achieve engagement or conversions.

With consumers making more mindful purchasing decisions based on brand values, it’s more crucial than ever to find ambassadors who truly align with your brand. Before you launch your ambassador marketing program, you must have an understanding of your ideal ambassador. That’s where creating an ambassador persona comes in handy.