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By Amy Roberts 1 March, 2024
Treyd and Brandbassador Join Forces to Unleash Unprecedented Growth
Treyd, an unsecured stock financing solution that frees up capital stuck in the supply chain, has partnered with Brandbassador, ultimate ambassador... Read More
By Brandbassador 15 December, 2023
Understanding Influencer Conversion Rates: A Deep Dive
This post is your mini-guide, your deep dive into the ocean of influencer conversion rates, leveraging its benefits, and its significance in the game... Read More
By Brandbassador 13 December, 2023
How to Efficiently Use Social Media in Affiliate Marketing
Back in the early days of the Internet, affiliate marketing was one of the most successful ways to earn cash. Now we’re graced with hundreds of... Read More
By Brandbassador 30 November, 2023
9 Best Metrics To Track When Monitoring Your Affiliate Program
An affiliate marketing program is a way of selling your product via another entity’s outlet. They’re popular because they deliver greater reach – and... Read More

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