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By Trelawney Erwin 26 September, 2022
8 Skills Every Influencer Marketing Manager Needs to Succeed
Influencer marketing doesn't always come naturally. There are a number of skills needed to run a prosperous program that grows your brand’s ROI.... Read More
By Filip Nikoloski 21 September, 2022
10 Tips For Finding The Perfect Social Media Influencers For Your Brand
Influencer marketing functions similarly to how a human brain operates. Influencers play the role of a matchmaker. They help to connect the brand... Read More
By Trelawney Erwin 2 September, 2022
How IDEAL OF SWEDEN Beat TikTok's Brand Ambassador Sign Up Challenge
What's the best way to recruit more brand ambassadors to your ambassador marketing program? It turns out, it depends on the platform. Swedish fashion... Read More
By Trelawney Erwin 31 August, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Ambassador Programs for Brands
In 2023, brands are realising the importance of community-led growth. That is, growing their brand through word of mouth from a loyal community of... Read More

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