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Treyd and Brandbassador Join Forces to Unleash Unprecedented Growth

Amy Roberts
By Amy Roberts | 1 minute read

Treyd, an unsecured stock financing solution that frees up capital stuck in the supply chain, has partnered with Brandbassador, ultimate ambassador marketing management tool for eCommerce brands. 

The partnership aims to offer the companies’ mutual clients an opportunity to fuel their growth, through easy to access financing and scalable community marketing. 

Treyd helps companies across a range of sectors, that trade in physical products, to put an end cash flow crunches by enabling them to sell first and pay suppliers later. They can grow without diluting their equity and they can free up capital to invest in growth.

“At Treyd, we're dedicated to empowering brands to soar to new heights. Through our partnership with Brandbassador, we aim to open doors to unparalleled growth opportunities, merging powerful community-driven marketing with our ”Sell first, pay suppliers later” financing solution.”

- Peter Beckman, CEO at Treyd 

Brandbassador fuels growth by equipping brands with the tools to amplify their marketing efforts. By inviting their customers, followers and fans to participating in mini marketing missions, brands can boost sales, build brand awareness and gather user-generated content. 

When paired with Treyd, brands that use Brandbassador will be able to leverage their existing community of customers and fans to build positive social buzz that increase exposure to new auidiences, and maximises revenue.  

“Empowering brands to unlock their full potential is at the core of our mission at Brandbassador. Our partnership with Treyd not only provides our clients with seamless access to essential financing but also aligns with our commitment to fostering growth through innovative solutions. Together, we are excited to offer a unique blend of financial empowerment and community-driven marketing, enabling brands to thrive in today's competitive landscape."

- Thomas Adams, CEO at Brandbassador

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