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5 Reasons You Need a Dedicated App for Your Brand Ambassadors

Are you still interacting with your brand ambassadors in their emails and DMs? Are you asking them to log in to a website to participate in your ambassador marketing program? If so, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to gamify your ambassador experience and unite your brand ambassadors as one community. 


In this guide, learn…

  • What a brand ambassador app is
  • Why using a mobile app will level up your brand ambassador program
  • How a brand ambassador app can increase community engagement
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A Full Creator Marketing Management Suite Under One Roof

A Full Creator Marketing Management Suite Under One Roof

The easiest way to harness the creator marketplace. Drive more revenue with critical insights on creator performance, time-optimising automation, and unrivalled support. Brandbassador is the creator marketing platform you've been searching for.

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Creator Marketing Dashboard

Manage Creator Relationships

Meet your community where they’re at

Nurture relationships with unlimited social media creators, provide support, manage campaigns, track real-time analytics, and mobilise your own customers, followers, and fans all in one place. Reach creators on the go through a gamified mobile app.

Missions (tasks) of your creator marketing dashboard.

Gamify Engagement

The only limit is your creativity

Create completely customised creator marketing tasks that allow you to mobilise your community online, in-person, and everything in between in exchange for cash, points, gift cards, or freebies. Incentivise using micro-rewards that allow social media creators to build towards larger rewards.

Your ambassadors and influencers become the core of your creator marketing campaigns.

Content Creation

Unleash the power of the creator economy

Inspire trust. Promote your brand through high-quality, genuine content created by your passionate community of social media creators. Review and approve to ensure content aligns with your brand’s vision.

Drive sales through creator marketing.

Drive Sales

Less effort, more results

Use our creator marketing platform to maximise conversions with custom discount codes and tracking links that seamlessly integrate with major eCommerce platforms. Choose dynamic, engagement-based reward structures to incentivise sales, recognise high-performing creators, and raise your bottom line.

Track analytics of your creator marketing campaigns.

Track ROI and Analytics

Do more of what works

Track and replicate your successes with detailed analytics that show your brand engagement rates, social buzz, community demographics, highest-performing creators, and your ROI - in real-time.

"We were able to discover, interact with and source content from a larger range of ambassadors than we would’ve been able to manually off-platform. Brandbassador has really helped us automate finding and engaging with ambassadors."

Cindy Tran
Creator Marketing Lead

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