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The ROI of Ambassador Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

The challenge of ambassador marketing is to find the right people, keep them engaged, and manage their efforts as your ambassador community on a daily basis. But once these challenges are met, brands will reap the rewards of a highly successful ambassador marketing campaign.

This whitepaper offers a comprehensive guide to teach you the following:

  • How to overcome ambassador marketing hurdles
  • Which variables are important to consider when measuring success
  • How to calculate the ROI of your ambassador marketing campaigns 

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Ambassador marketing hurdle: finding the right people

Building a strong community of ambassadors is important for getting the most success out of your campaigns. People in your community may or may not be current customers, but generally it’s better if they are already fans of your brand and products - then their sentiment is real.

There are many ways to recruit ambassadors into your community. You already have followers on social media, newsletter subscribers and a pool of customers - ask them to join.

You don’t need to accept everyone who applies to be part of your community. There is no strict number of ambassadors that works best but keeping a tight-knit community of your most passionate fans and influential followers can work well in your favour. These people are more likely to be engaged with you and their own followers. There’s a balance though, if you’re too restrictive with your community it will be harder to get the results you are looking for.

Although many people think that having influence must make you an ‘influencer’, we’ve found that ambassadors are much more powerful. They have over 200% more engagement than influencers, this is because they share content they care about with friends and family who know them personally, not just a group of unknown followers.