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14 Instagram Features & Examples of How Real Brands Use Them in Their Ambassador Marketing Strategy

No matter where you are on your ambassador marketing journey, we are here to give you the ultimate guide on 14 Instagram features and examples of how real eCommerce brands just like yours use them to engage their ambassador communities.

Here’s what this whitepaper will give you:

  • Real examples of how brands are using Instagram's features to engage with their brand ambassadors
  • Key takeaways on how you can apply the principles to your brand's Instagram channel
  • A look into Instagram's newest Collaborator feature and how we anticipate it'll be used in the ambassador marketing space

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Instagram Tools To Engage With Unstoppable Micro-Influencers

Instagram Go Live with Live Rooms

Live Rooms gives a creator the ability to go Live on Instagram with up to three people. This is an upgrade on Instagram’s popular “Live” feature, which lets you go live with one co-host.

With live broadcasts, your Brand Ambassadors can show off the “face behind your brand” and reach their followers on a more personal, authentic level. They could demonstrate a product, host more engaging Q&As, or tutorials.

Within seconds, viewers can buy badges to support their favourite hosts and use other interactive features like Shopping and Live Fundraisers.

The Takeaway On Live Rooms

- You can sell your products during a live show, so Live Rooms is great for trying to
drive sales or running an exclusive product launch.

- The host can report and block inappropriate comments if they filter through making this a safer experience for viewers.

- And most importantly, a Brand Ambassador can quickly monetize your content, boost your reputation, and build lasting relationships with fans of your brand.