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12 Festive Ambassador Marketing Tasks To Sleigh The Holiday Season

It's time to unwrap your secret holiday weapon: brand ambassadors. This whitepaper looks at 12 tried-and-tested ambassador marketing tasks that could catapult your holiday marketing.

Here’s what this whitepaper will give you:

  • Festive ambassador marketing ideas and how you can apply them
  • Tactics on how to drive more holiday sales
  • Real examples on how brands incentivised their community to achieve their ambassador marketing goals

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‘Tis the season 

For your brand to promote seasonal products, share special holiday offers, make a massive amount of sales and gather great holiday-themed social media content.

Shoppers have shown an eagerness to spend on new clothes, electronics and jewellery in recent months – and retail analysts are betting that splurging will fuel the holiday season.

It's time to unwrap your secret holiday weapon: brand ambassadors. These are your customers, followers, and fans who already love and care about your brand. They have an engaged audience that is far more likely to pay attention to your products being reviewed, promoted, or recommended.

Put your army of brand ambassadors to work using incentivised marketing tasks or Missions. Reward them with points, gift cards, cash, and free products, and they'll amplify the social buzz you need to cut through the seasonal marketing noise, and drive revenue for your brand.

Here are 12 tried-and-tested ambassador marketing tasks that have catapulted holiday marketing for Brandbassador brands. Armed with these 12 highly effective Missions for your Ambassador community, you can ditch being a sales Grinch and really take advantage of the biggest sales cycle of the year.