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12 Out of the Box Ambassador Marketing Tasks to Boost Engagement

What’s the best way to create social buzz and encourage sales? Do something wild and wacky! Activating your brand ambassadors to take on creative marketing tasks gives you the opportunity to make a splash and have everyone talking about your brand.

Stuck for ideas? Want to shake things up? Our whitepaper delves into…

  • Examples of off-the-wall marketing tasks brands are using to increase social engagement and sales
  • An inside look at some of the metrics and stats brands achieved with these stunts
  • How you can take these ideas and use them to inspire your own

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Have you shaken up your ambassador marketing strategy lately? 

Incentivising your brand ambassadors to create a simple social media post featuring your product is good. It's a reliable, low-effort task that gets results. But coming up with unique and exciting ambassador tasks is even better.

We refer to these gamified tasks as Missions. And brands are using them to generate social buzz and engagement that skyrockets their reach and increases revenue - all through their ambassador community! We're seeing our partner brands develop creative Missions for their ambassadors that have expanded brand awareness, loyalty, and new customer acquisition.

Below, we're sharing a few of these out-of-the-box Missions (and some incredible results) to give you ideas to refresh your ambassador marketing and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts. From VIP parties to exclusive reveals, there's sure to be something here to inspire your next campaign!