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Ambassador Marketing Bootcamp: Build a Community

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Ambassador Marketing Basics_ Building a Strong Community

Session 1

Ambassador Marketing Basics: Building a Strong Community

A successful ambassador marketing program needs a strong foundation: your community!

In this session, learn how to determine if your customers, followers, and fans are ready to join you in your ambassador marketing journey, and the importance of hiring a designated Community Manager.

  • zoom_session_icon 1 Hour
  • datetime_field_icon On-demand
  • Simone Senior Black and White 2022 Simone Senior
  • exercise_text_icon 1 Assignment
  • Will McCarthy Will McCarthy
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Ambassador Marketing bootcamp_ Ready, Set, Activate! From Advocates to Ambassadors

Session 2

Ready, Set, Activate! From Advocates to Ambassadors

It’s time to take action. Understand the importance of developing an ambassador persona to identify your ideal brand ambassadors - and how to create one! Our ambassador marketing experts give you practical steps to building a successful activation campaign and strategies that have worked to activate ambassador communities for high-performing brands.

  • zoom_session_icon 30 Min
  • datetime_field_icon On-demand
  • Maeve Thomas Maeve Thomas
  • exercise_text_icon 2 Assignments
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Session 3

Sweet Rewards: Incentives That Keep Ambassadors Excited

Nothing motivates your ambassadors quite like the promise of exciting rewards for their efforts. To maximise ROI, it’s crucial to understand how to effectively reward the different campaigns you’ll be running with your ambassador community. In this session, our specialists cover which rewards perform best and how to increase engagement with a dynamic rewards system.

  • zoom_session_icon 45 Min
  • datetime_field_icon On-demand
  • Archana Gosai Archana Gosai
  • exercise_text_icon 1 Assignment
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Your Teachers

Simone Senior

Customer Success Manager

What’s your goal? Boosting revenue? Generating killer content? Building social awareness? Having grown up in the internet-era, I’m familiar with word-of-mouth marketing trends and how influencers have lost reliability.

I enjoy helping brands exceed their ambassador marketing expectations and make the most of their investments. I've been closely mentored by other ambassador marketing experts and worked with over 50 brands in various industries, (specialising in B Corporations). I’m excited to share my expertise with you.

Fun Fact: One brand Simone works with hit a social reach of over 4.1 million people with their ambassador community.

Maeve Thomas

Senior Customer Success Manager

For over three years I’ve been helping companies shift from branded to ambassador content. Growing up with social media, I’m a part of the generation that must regularly distinguish between fake and authentic content.

I want your brand to be a part of the movement for authenticity in the social media world. I focus on developing diverse ambassador communities and having real conversations that allow consumers to find products they will truly benefit from.

Fun Fact: A fashion tech brand that Maeve works with received over 100K views on TikTok with only 5 ambassador posts.

Will McCarthy

Customer Success Executive

With a background in marketing, I understand how ambassador marketing is positioned in relation to marketing as a whole. Having ambassador experience myself, I know how to keep your community active and engaged. In three months, I’ve helped boost a brand’s engagement rates from 300 ambassador submissions to over 2000. 

Success looks different for every brand. I want to anticipate your goals and become a trusted touch point to help you achieve ambassador marketing success.

Fun Fact: A small sustainable fashion brand Will works with has earned over $536K in revenue.

Archana Gosai

Customer Success Manager

I help brands scale and optimise their ambassador marketing. My speciality is activating and engaging Millennial and Gen Z audiences. As a direct consumer of the content I help brands create and as a micro-influencer, I have deep insights into what gets results.

I’m a huge advocate for becoming more tech-savvy in your 360-degree marketing and learning to effectively use TikTok, as brands that take advantage of this fast-growing social app are seeing incredible ROI.

Fun Fact: Archana works with a socially conscious fashion accessory brand that consistently sees an ROI of 400%.

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