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Brandbassador User Business Conditions

Welcome to the Brandbassador Program.

When you interact with and/or promote third party brands using the BB Technology / BB Website the following set of Brandbassador Business Conditions apply:

Use of Discount Codes
You acknowledge and agree that if you become a Brandbassador you will be offered to utilize the Discount Code function when interacting with and/or promoting third party brands. You understand, agree and accept that under no circumstances can you distribute Discount Codes on coupon websites/forums/services or other affiliate like platforms. The Discount Codes that you generate from your account can only be used in the period as defined by Brandbassador and/or its third party brands on the platform. Depending on the level you have achieved within the BB Service, you may be offered an opportunity to apply for Discount Codes that you may post on your blog and/or your social media accounts. These Discount Codes can only be posted on the URL you submit in the application for the Discount Code and should be posted only on your blog or personal social media accounts. If Discount Codes are distributed through channels other than specified above, such as social accounts created for discount code distribution, through the use of automatic post plugins, or in any spam-like manner, Brandbassador and/or its third party brands have the right to void all commissions due to you and terminate your Brandbassador Account. Hence, all posts containing Discount Codes should be shared only with your social media and/or Blog followers.

Interaction with Third Party Brands
You may be invited to participate in specific social media missions and campaigns designed by third party brands in collaboration with Brandbassador. Brandbassador and the third party brands, acting independently, each reserve the unilateral right to approve, disapprove or cancel any social media missions or campaigns linked with a reward. These social media missions and campaigns may be subject to specific time limits and use limits.

Payment of commissions is based upon your sales of third party brand products and services utilizing Discount Codes. Your commission is based upon Gross Revenue. Gross Revenue means the amount (might exclude VAT and other official duties) actually received by the third party brand directly arising out of actions and/or transactions taking place in domain(s) controlled by you. Commission excludes, among others, any monthly or other fees charged by Brandbassador from its third party brands for the use of the BB Service. The commission shall be sent to you once the third party brand you have worked with has received the Gross Revenue attributable to your work. The BB Website will provide access to a preliminary estimate of your earned Commission. You acknowledge and agree that such estimate is not binding and is subject to change, and that the actual commission payable to you shall be finally determined after the third party brand has received the Gross Revenue in question. In the event that your status as a Brandbassador is terminated for any reason, the third party brand shall pay the outstanding balance of your Commission within 90 days from the termination date, on the condition that the third party brand has received the Gross Revenue attributable to you by said date and that you are not in breach of any of the BB Terms and Conditions. You are required to verify your ID before any said payments are processed, such verification cost USD 2 which will be deducted from your Cash Account.

Verifying your residential address
During the identity verification process, we may ask for additional information. If we cannot
completely verify your identity using the information you provided, we will ask for information to verify your residential address.

How do I verify my residential address?

  • Upload a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, or credit card statement that shows your residential address along with your name.
  • This document must be dated within the last 3 months and be visible in its entirety. 
  • We will then use  this information to verify the residential address associated with your Brandbassador account. 

More Tips for uploading your documentation: 

  • Please ensure your document uses a latin-character alphabet. Your document must include your full residential address. 
    • Photograph or scan the entire document and avoid cutting off any corners or sides
    • If you take a picture of your document, please check it is taken in a well-lit area without glare. We recommend taking it in natural sunlight.
  • For scans, please make sure no parts of the document are missing 
  • If using an app or program, please check that the picture does not include any logos or watermarks

Payment Method
Payment of commissions is contingent upon your providing the third party brand with such details and payment information as may be requested from time to time. It is the sole responsibility of the third party brands to issue payments to you. In no event will Brandbassador be held liable or responsible for lack of or delay in payments. Brandbassador reserves the sole right to define which payment methods will be accepted on BB Website – for example, Paypal. You understand, acknowledge and accept that third party brands may not be able to conduct payments should you fail to provide correct, complete and up-to-date information with respect to the payment method available for use with any specific brand. If your balance is below the equivalent of USD 10, the third party brand shall not be obligated to make any payment of cash or equivalent to you until the amount due you from that third party brand exceeds the equivalent of USD 10. If the balance due you exceeds USD 150 you are obliged to send an invoice to the third party brands with the request for payment and payment details.

Tax Obligations
When you, as a Brandbassador interact with and/or promote third party brands, you may be eligible for rewards, gifts, gift cards, discount, coupons, commissions and other benefits from that third party brand. You agree that all applicable taxes, fees or charges imposed by any government entity in connection with your use of the BB Service are your personal obligation, and not that of the third party brand or Brandbassador. If Brandbassador or the third party brands incurs an obligation to pay withholding taxes or other official charges in connection with payments due you, Brandbassador or the third party brand shall be entitled to deduct the corresponding amounts from payments made to you. In the event Brandbassador has good faith reasons to believe that you have breached the Terms and Conditions of the Brandbassador Terms of Service Agreement Brandbassador and the third party brands reserve the right to withhold from any payments due you.

Withdrawal Fees
When you, as a Brandbassador receive money into your Brandbassador account, a $3 transfer fee will be incurred. When withdrawing from your Brandbassador account to a local bank account a fee of up to 2% of the total amount withdrawn will apply. You can only withdraw cash when you reach Gold level. Before gold level you can transfer cash to Gift Card with the brands you are working with. If a brand you are collaborating with chooses to withdraw from the Brandbassador platform, you will receive a message in the message center on the app informing you about this. You will also receive a notification and an email if you have these features enabled. From receiving this message you will have 14 days to withdraw any outstanding gift card balance with the brand. After 14 days of receiving the message all gift card balance from the brand will be voided.

Gift card Usage
Gift cards earned through the Brandbassador service may be used towards purchases of full-price products or services and may not be used on currently discounted products or services. Brands may waive this condition at their sole discretion. Gift cards earned are personal and can only be used by the ambassador who earned it. You are not permitted to resell gift cards earned on Brandbassador. Brandbassador AS has the right to suspend or terminate your access to and use of the BB Technology, withdraw any compensation achieved and refuse current and future use of the BB Technology

Monthly Fees
You are requested and solely responsible to stay up to date with all payment and transactions terms that apply through our third party payment providers, including, but not limited to, Payoneer, 

Last Revised: March 20th, 2020