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At Brandbassador we believe that WoM is the most powerful form of influence. We help fast growing eCommerce brands turn their greatest customers into passionate advocates.

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Influencer Marketing is No Longer Effective

Classical influencer marketing has become saturated and commercialised, consumers are well aware that influencers are professionals and collaborations are nothing more than  paid sponsorships for quick financial gain. They have become the modern day “billboard”.

Influencer vs ambassador marketing

Welcome to the New Frontier: Ambassador Marketing

Contrary to this, ambassadors have a genuine passion for your brand and feel proud to represent you.  They want to see your brand succeed and be a part of that journey.

How Brandbassador Works

Ambassador Dashboard

Manage Relationships

Meet your community where they’re at

Nurture relationships with unlimited ambassadors, provide support, manage campaigns, track real-time analytics, and mobilise your own customers, followers, and fans all in one place. Reach ambassadors on the go through a gamified mobile app.

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Gamify Engagement - Ignight campaigns

Gamify Engagement

The only limit is your creativity

Create completely customised “Missions” that allow you to mobilise your community online, in-person, and everything in between in exchange for cash, points, gift cards, or freebies. Incentivise using micro-rewards that allow ambassadors to build towards larger rewards.

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Create Content

Content Creation

Unleash the power of the creator economy

Inspire trust. Promote your brand through high-quality, genuine content created by your passionate community. Assign and approve to ensure content aligns with your brand’s vision.

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Drive Sales

Drive Sales

Less effort, more results

Maximise conversions with custom discount codes and tracking links that seamlessly integrate with major eCommerce platforms. Choose dynamic, engagement-based reward structures to incentivise sales, recognise high-performing ambassadors, and raise your bottom line.

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Track Analytics

Track ROI and Analytics

Select one of our many plug and play integration options to easily track the revenue generated by your ambassador community

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"A brilliant, engaging way to build a successful ambassador program."

"Brandbassador is an amazing platform and everyone who's not using it yet and wants to build an ambassador programme - should!"

"Easy to use, generates great content and revenue. Brandbassador makes managing a large group of ambassadors a breeze!!"

“If you’re looking for a way to grow and foster your community in an engaging, efficient and streamlined manner - Brandbassador is the tool for you.”

"Brandbassador is a great tool when starting a new ambassador platform. It is effortless to use and very self-explanatory."

"We have seen a visible hike in our community since we started using the platform. Our social media reach has gone to 53.56 million, with a whopping 7% increase in Instagram itself.”

"Brandbassador has been an overall exciting and positive addition to our B2C marketing outlets."

“Brandbassador has really helped us automate finding and engaging with ambassadors.”

"The Brandbassador team bring vast platform expertise, with tremendous experience working with ambassadors, which has been crucial in building and activating our community."

"The best way to build an international ambassador community! It is one of our best marketing channels."

"State of the art micro and nano influencer tool! Brandbassador perfectly matches the "on the go" lifestyle of [nano] influencers."

Need managed services?

Access a team of ambassador marketing specialists who will fully take the reins and create a strategy for your success.

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