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Welcome to the New Era of Ambassador Marketing

Turn Your Customers Into Ambassadors

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At Brandbassador we believe that WoM is the most powerful form of influence. We help fast growing eCommerce brands turn their greatest customers into passionate advocates.

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Influencer Marketing is No Longer Effective

Classical influencer marketing has become saturated and commercialised, consumers are well aware that influencers are professionals and collaborations are nothing more than  paid sponsorships for quick financial gain. They have become the modern day “billboard”.


Welcome to the New Frontier: Ambassador Marketing

Contrary to this, ambassadors have a genuine passion for your brand and feel proud to represent you.  They want to see your brand succeed and be a part of that journey.

How Brandbassador Works

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Harness the Power of your Brand Ambassadors

We help fast growing Ecommerce brands turning your best customers into passionate advocates. Build a community of your loyal customers, followers & fans to build social buzz around your brand. Use ambassadors to generate content, brand awareness & drive sales.


Turn Your Customers &
Fans Into Ambassadors

A single place to manage all your ambassador community data, activities & communication

  • Custom Branded Signup Page
  • Activate Your Existing Customers & Fans
  • Review & Approve Your Ambassadors
  • Unlimited Ambassadors

Create Automated Marketing Campaigns for Your Ambassadors

Create mini-marketing campaigns for your Ambassadors to complete using our innovative 'Mission Maker'. With this advanced gamification setup you can easily generate & automate social buzz, engagement and revenue through your Ambassador community.


Generate Social Buzz &
Drive Sales

  • Track revenue & social engagement generated by your ambassadors
  • Track revenue through discount codes directly within the platform
  • Optimise your campaign performance towards brand building & sales

Reward Your Ambassadors & Sales Champions

Reward ambassadors for generating sales with commission, gift-cards or free products directly through the platform


Plug & Play

Select one of our many plug and play integration options to easily track the revenue generated by your ambassador community


Dedicated App for Your Ambassadors

Engage your ambassador community by creating fun marketing campaigns, one-to many communication and providing them with the tools to generate sales and social buzz for your brand - the possibilities are endless!

Case Studies


A cute phone case company enhancing their community with ambassador marketing

The Kase

Fashionable accessories for smartphones, iPhones and tablets


Trusting Your Gut When Selecting Revenue Generating Ambassadors for Your Brand


Using TikTok to Grow & Engage With Your Ambassador Community


Finding the Right Tool to Effectively Reach a High Volume of People


“ No matter how great your products are, you need an affiliate program like Brandbassador to push your brand outward. "

Mask Group
Pauletta Tang
Product & Creative Director at The Kase

“Brandbassador lets us keep our best customers engaged under one umbrella."

Mark Stallings
Mark Stallings
Co-founder of Casely

“If you’re looking for a way to grow and foster your community in an engaging, efficient and streamlined manner - Brandbassador is the tool for you.”

Cindy Inkbox
Cindy Tran
Creator Marketing Lead at Inkbox

Brandbassador is a great tool for an international brand to discover new audiences around the globe and develop strong local communities through social media marketing.

Daria Nikolaeva
Daria Nikolaeva
Public Relations for Europe at Joom

“Due to the reach of the platform, our program has nearly quadrupled since joining Brandbassador.”

Lauren Bowles
Lauren Bowles
Social Media Coordinator at Pela

“Brandbassador is an excellent platform for keeping your ambassador program organized while also offering guidance in maximizing the potential for each ambassador.”

Clean Skin Club
Emily Gervais
Creative Director at Clean Skin Club

“Automated messaging - especially when it comes to reminders - is awesome and so helpful.”

Aubrey Lucy & Co
Aubrey Bergstrom
Marketing Manager at Lucy & Co.

“Through Brandbassador we work with ambassadors from more countries which gives us more people and diversity.”

Therese Granström
Social Commerce Coordinator at Safira

“Brandbassador has really helped us automate finding and engaging with ambassadors.”

Cindy Inkbox
Cindy Tran
Creator Marketing Lead at Inkbox

“Brandbassador really helps with getting brand awareness on a constant basis.”

Johannes Sommer
Johannes Sommer
Founder of MY FAM POSTER

“Brandbassdor has really thought of so many corner cases and potential issues that can arise when working with a large number of ambassadors.”

Thomas Adams Onepiece-1
Thomas Adams
Founder of Onepiece

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