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Building Your Ambassador Community in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

This whitepaper discusses…

  • Where to find your ideal ambassadors and how to recruit them
  • Best practices to grow and incentivise your community
  • How to optimise your management with automation

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The Real Power of a Community

Throughout history, communities have been known for being close-knit groups of people with shared values, ethics, and goals. Effective communities are known for their dedication, hard work, and strength in the face of adversity.

People strive to find a place where they belong. From sports teams to school cliques, social clubs or online groups - everyone is looking for their community. But it’s not just individuals - musicians want fans, charities want supporters, and businesses want repeat customers.

These loyal people will stick by you and shout about your brand to anyone who will listen. They are your ambassador community.

Why do you need a community? Because you can’t win a war with just one soldier - you need a whole army. Your brand’s community will share your values, they will help you shape your culture, and each and every one of them will spread their passion to everyone in their own lives.