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Ambassador Marketing Bootcamp: Master the Fundamentals

3 On-Demand Sessions
2.25 hours total
Go at your own pace.
A complete understanding of ambassador marketing and how it can transform your brand.
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Ambassadors and Influencers and Affiliates - Oh My!

Session 1

Ambassador Marketing 101: What Is It & Why Should I Care?

Start your ambassador marketing journey here!

This class is your first step to gaining a deeper understanding of what ambassador marketing is and how you can use it to increase brand awareness and revenue. We break down key terms and look at how guest brand IDEAL OF SWEDEN is using this powerful marketing strategy.

  • zoom_session_icon 1 Hour
  • datetime_field_icon On-demand
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  • Shaneice Shaneice Bailey
  • exercise_text_icon 1 Assignment
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What’s Your Vibe_ Discovering Your Ideal Ambassador

Session 2

Ambassadors and Influencers and Affiliates - Oh My!

Many people hear the terms influencer marketing and ambassador marketing and assume the two are the same thing. Throw in ‘affiliates’ and ‘advocates’ and things get even muddier. Learn the nuances between these different types of word-of-mouth marketing and discover how a combination of each can help you grow your brand. 

  • zoom_session_icon 30 Min
  • datetime_field_icon On-demand
  • AMBootcamp  Guest Icon
  • Eimear Headshot | 2022 Eimear Kirwan
  • exercise_text_icon 1 Assignment
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Session 3

What’s Your Vibe? Discovering Your Ideal Ambassador

Before launching an ambassador program, you need to have a precise idea of whom you want to represent your brand. This class will give you a step-by-step guide on creating an ideal ambassador persona. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to establish your ambassador community vibe so that your vision is crystal clear.

  • zoom_session_icon 45 Min
  • datetime_field_icon On-demand
  • AMBootcamp  Guest Icon
  • Ciara Ciara Murphy
  • exercise_text_icon 2 Assignments
  • Charlotte Charlotte Austin-Olsen
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Your Teachers

Shaneice Bailey

Customer Success Team Lead

I want to help you activate and scale an authentic community of consumers and fans who love your brand. I began working in the ambassador marketing industry nearly 5 years ago. In this time, I’ve worked alongside over 150 brands of all sizes across multiple industries such as fashion, beauty, wellness, sports, and more. And I know that engaging with your ambassador community in more creative ways improves your chances of running a successful program.

My focus is to help make managing your community simple and enjoyable - after all, your program should be fun not just for your ambassadors, but also for you! 

Fun Fact: One brand Shaneice works with has a community of over 50K ambassadors

Eimear Kirwan

Head of Customer Success

For over 3 years I have overseen and led a team of professionals helping brands build high-performing ambassador communities that accelerate their growth and ROI. I have a deep understanding of ambassador marketing from a management and business model standpoint. 

I want to shine a light on the power of community-led growth. I believe ‘trust’ is the issue of our decade but if you have an authentic group of customer advocates, the trust issue disappears.

Fun Fact: Eimear oversees the success of our portfolio of about 300 brand partners from multiple sectors at varying stages of their ambassador marketing journey.

Ciara Murphy

Onboarding Specialist

During my time in ambassador marketing, I’ve worked with a large array of brands. I’ve learned what works for different communities and how to help you identify and reach your unique marketing goals. My expertise is in devising the best activation methods for your particular demographic. 

I also focus on making sure that Community Managers enjoy their program just as much as their ambassadors. If you’re having fun, you’ll engage better with your community. 

Fun Fact: One brand Ciara led through onboarding grew from 0 ambassadors to over 300 in just 3 weeks, gaining incredible user-generated content for Instagram and TikTok in the process.

Charlotte Austin-Olsen

Onboarding Specialist

I help brands who are just starting their ambassador marketing program or are now levelling up their efforts. I want to help you see the value of brand ambassadors for everything - not just sales - and teach you how to activate, excite, and grow your brand’s community. 

Let me show you what marketing tasks provide the best results and what kinds of content gets the most engagement and conversions so you can find success faster. 

Fun Fact: One brand that onboarded with Charlotte hit an ROI of 430% in their first month.

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