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Ambassador Marketing Bootcamp

Break through social media algorithms to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales by mastering ambassador marketing strategies.
The Ambassador Marketing Bootcamp invites you to completely overhaul your understanding of this word-of-mouth marketing strategy with expert-led sessions, actionable assignments, and special guest brands speaking on their experiences.

Master the Fundamentals of Ambassador Marketing

Gain a complete understanding of ambassador marketing and how it can transform your brand.

Our industry experts cover…

  • - What exactly is ambassador marketing
  • - Key terms used in the industry
  • - A case study to show how top-performing brands are succeeding with ambassador marketing
Build a Community

All the tools and resources you need to scale your brand’s community and launch a successful ambassador marketing program.

Special guest speakers dive into…

  • - Ambassador marketing strategies used to build a strong community
  • - Activation techniques that top-performing brands are using
  • - Reward structures and resource management to keep your community engaged

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We'll help you activate your customers, followers and fans and meet your revenue goals.

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